Opinion: DeVos and Trump want to advance god’s kingdom by sacrificing children

At the beginning of Trump’s plague in America, the “pro-life” GOP faithful claimed it was patriotic to sacrifice the lives of America’s elderly population for Trump’s re-election. Now those same “pro-life” cretins want to sacrifice the lives of American children to help re-elect Trump.

If any American required proof that neither Trump nor his Republican facilitators are pro-life, they just need to consider the incredible number of additional American citizens that Trump and Betsy DeVos are willing to sacrifice to aid dirty Don’s re-election.

This absurd idea that children should be forced to sit in confined spaces with thirty or so other children, and an adult teacher, is being pushed hard and heavy by Trump and his incompetent religious Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Of course it is curious that DeVos, a former anti-public school lobbyist, is so anxious to force over 56 million American students to attend in-person public schools that she hates with religious fervor. However, it is not curious that none of DeVos’ children or grandchildren will ever be put in a dangerous situation that could kill them.

To make the idea of cramming children into confined spaces palatable, there are typical lies from the administration’s sycophants that children cannot contract or transmit Trump’s plague. Fortunately, there are medical experts who have put that absurdity to rest. This is particularly true because according to the scientists attempting to save Americans’ lives, children and teenagers represent a ballooning percentage of Covid-19 cases across the nation. And, it is noteworthy that that “ballooning percentage” is occurring while children are not in school.

To get a relatively fair estimation about approximately how many additional Americans will perish so DeVos, who claimed her Education Secretary job was to “advance the kingdom of god,” there was a conversation between Trump’s main policy advisor, Sean Hannity, and a celebrity doctor regarding opening up the public schools.

Dr. Mehmet Oz replied to a Sean Hannity remark about pushing to completely open up the nation, especially opening up public schools, while the virulent Trump plague is raging. Oz said:

Schools are a very appetizing opportunity. I just saw a nice piece in The Lancet arguing the opening of schools may only cost us 2–3 percent in terms of total mortality. Any life is a life lost but to get every child back into a school where they are safely being educated, being fed, and making the most of their lives, with the risk on the back side, might be tradeoff some folks would consider.” (author bold)

Now, Dr. Oz may be a popular television personality, but he apparently does not mind the idea of endangering the lives of 56.6 million American K-12 students. Oz’s so-called “appetizing opportunity”  means that between 2.264 and 3.396 million school children will perish for Trump’s re-election effort.

It is not immediately clear if that 2-3 percent of fatalities includes any school employees like nurses, janitors, office staff and teachers, but it is beyond the pale that purposefully putting children in harm’s way would be considered “appetizing” by any human being.  If that two to three percent figure represents fatalities in the general population, then between 3 million and 6 million additional American citizens will perish for Trump’s re-election.

It cannot possibly be true that many American parents want to see their children take a risk for dumb Don Trump’s reelection, or that very many Americans will comport an additional 6 to 9 million American lives lost – especially as part of DeVos’ crusade to use public schools to advance god’s kingdom.

It is an atrocity that in 2020, in the richest nation on the planet, there is a movement to deliberately jeopardize the lives of even one child, much less between two to three million. Of course Trump has no problem living with millions of Americans dying for his re-election; it is precisely what one expects from a malicious narcissist.

DeVos is a different story though. She claims to love children, is pro-life and a devout Christian whose primary focus as Education Secretary is using her position to “advance god’s kingdom.” As a former Christian minister, this author is relatively certain that nowhere in the Christian bible is there any reference, even a passing one, advocating for sacrificial deaths of children or adults for the sake of anything – much less a dirty sinner’s re-election.

Over the past couple of decades many Americans have become accustomed to Republicans’ callous disregard for the American people they are supposed to serve. Although Trump is nothing if not a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, he has taken the GOP’s disregard for the American people to a level typically reserved for mass murderers or enemy combatants lusting to kill American citizens.

That Trump, DeVos and their Republican cohort are pushing to endanger the lives of tens-of-millions of Americans, with special emphasis on killing children, makes the entire conservative movement vicious and without an iota of compassion; exactly what one expects from a vile narcissist and his cabal of   vicious savages. For the alleged pro-life Christian Betsy DeVos, her drive to endanger children’s lives puts a new spin on the evangelical movement to advance the kingdom of god.


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