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Marcia Blackburn Insults Millions Of Americans With Reason For Opposing Ketanji Brown Jackson

Sen. Marcia Blackburn (R-TN) offered an insulting reason for opposing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination.


Blackburn said:

I asked her a very simple question. I asked her to define the word woman. Wasn’t a trick question. It’s something that everybody learned in grade school science class. But Judge Jackson refused to answer. The fact that she wouldn’t or wouldn’t answer that speaks volumes. 

It tells me Judge Jackson is beholden to the radical left that is teaching children they can choose their own sex. It tells me she’s more committed to progressive woke ideology than she is so common sense be the rule of law, and it tells me that she’ll not be able to decide with impartiality the cases that are sure to come before her as a supreme court justice. How, for example, will Judge Jackson be able to resolve sex discrimination claims if she can’t decide whether the parties before her are women?

Marcia Blackburn is opposing Judge Jackson’s nomination because the Judge won’t commit to an agenda of gender discrimination,  but it is even worse because Blackburn framed her excuse as a failing of Jackson’s. She wants her supporters to believe that Judge Jackson is not smart enough to sit on the Supreme Court because she won’t define the word woman.

Jackson has been treated horrifically.

None of their treatment makes Ketanji Brown Jackson look bad. It is a mirror that reflects the ugliness of the Republican Party.


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