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Jim Jordan Commits A Crime With Jack Smith Investigation Interference

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:37 pm

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) made his most blatant effort to interfere in the classified documents investigation yet by demanding unredacted Jack Smith memos. The problem is that Jordan’s request is illegal.

Here is the letter that Jordan sent to the DOJ:

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Jordan’s House Judiciary Committee is seeking, “an unredacted copy of the memorandum outlining the scope of Mr. Smith’s probes regarding President Trump and any supporting documentation related to his appointment as special counsel.”

Jordan gave Attorney General Garland and the DOJ until June 20th to comply with the request.

Rep. Jordan tried the same tactic during the Alvin Bragg investigation into Trump and was told that his actions are illegal. It is against the law for the House Judiciary Committee to interfere in an ongoing criminal investigation or trial.

Jim Jordan isn’t going to get the unredacted documents that he is seeking. If he continues to pursue this matter, he could find himself under criminal investigation and facing his own set of criminal charges.

Chairman Jordan appears to know that Trump is going to be federally charged, so he is attempting to weaponize the House Judiciary Committee to gain information about the investigation for Trump and act as his defense team.

Jordan’s request is illegal, and the DOJ should respond not just by denying it, but by also warning the Ohio congressman that he is placing himself and other  Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee in legal jeopardy.

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