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Devon Archer Bombshell Backfires On Republicans And Blows Up Biden Bribery Claim

The big witness in the House Republican Biden bribery investigation backfired on Republicans and confirmed that there was no Biden bribery.

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CNN reported:

Republicans really teed up this testimony today and promoted Archer, the former business associate of Hunter Biden, as a potential bombshell witness, as somebody who might be able to deliver that kind of smoking-gun evidence linking the president to his son, Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

I’m hearing from sources who were in the room after hours of testimony, we just saw Archer leaving, sources saying he did not deliver that smoking gun that Republicans had hoped for. A source familiar with the matter tells me that, you know, Archer told the committee that Hunter Biden was selling the illusion, in quotes, of access to his father, you know, his father not directly implicating President Joe Biden in any of the foreign dealings but saying Hunter Biden was trying to essentially trick business partners into thinking he could provide direct access to his father.


How many witnesses do House Oversight Committee Republicans need to hear from before they understand that the Joe Biden bribery allegation is going nowhere? Oversight Committee Chair James Comer spent days hyping Archer’s testimony as the bombshell smoking gun that would put their Biden bribery allegations all together and make America pay attention.

It turns out that all Archer did was verify that Republicans are lying. There is no bribery scandal. Comer and the Oversight Republicans have been humiliated again, as it looks like the Biden bribery conspiracy theory may have finally gone belly up.

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