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Top House Republican Calls House GOPers One Of The Biggest Threats In The World

House Foreign Affairs Chair Michael McCaul said that he sees a lot of threats in the world, but one of the biggest is in his own House Republican caucus.

According to Jake Sherman:

“I see a lot of threats out there. One of the biggest threats I see is in that room,” McCaul said of the House Republican Conference.

“So it’s very dangerous what we’re doing, and I just wanted them to know that. we’re playing with fire.”

“They’re airing these grievances but at the end of the day, we elected the speaker designee and you know, we may just have to bring it to the floor and have another episode like we had with McCarthy. I don’t really know if he’s going to get the requisite votes right now”

McCaul said Israel will need supplemental funding within “weeks.” He’s been in touch with Biden administration.

House Republicans are in the midst of a closed-door meeting where by multiple accounts they are doing nothing but airing their grievances with each other. In other words, Republicans are no closer to choosing a new speaker and are spending their time yelling at each other behind closed doors.

In a little more than a month, the government will shut down if funding is not agreed to. Republicans don’t really have the time for this sort of chaos. They clearly do not want Steve Scalise to be the next Speaker of the House, but they can’t agree on who should be.

The reality that Republicans don’t want to face is that this disaster could drag on for weeks or months. There is no end point where a consensus candidate steps up and unifies them. Until House Republicans are forced to pay a price for their dysfunction, the situation could drag on with no resolution.

I don’t know how a caucus can unify when some members are calling others a threat.

The insults are deep and personal, but it will be the American people who will be hurt by the GOP’s inability to act like adults and govern.

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