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Lara Trump Hilariously Suggests Biden Is Running For President To Avoid Prison

Lara Trump claimed on Thursday that President Biden is only running for president to protect his family and avoid prison.

Trump said on Newsmax, “Well, is that because he thinks that Donald Trump might investigate his family even further? You know, you look at this situation with Hunter Biden. I think a lot of people might, might draw some correlation there and say, well, maybe the only reason that Joe Biden is trying to hang on to power is because his family depends on him trying to continue the cover up that we know has happened for the Biden crime family. It’s very interesting. This is nothing new. This is part of of the politics that we see here in the United States of America. But people know very well that Donald Trump is not a dictator, of course.


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Let’s do a quick check of the numbers.

Number of criminal trials that President Biden is facing: 0

Number of criminal trials that former president Trump is facing: 4

Lara Trump’s comments were straight out of the 2016 Trump playbook, which is always to blame for the opponent for what Donald Trump is doing. The Trumps hope that they can repeat 2016 and make Hunter Biden the new Hillary’s emails.

The reason why the Clinton email scandal worked to distract from Trump in 2016 was that the media bought into it and pushed the Trump narrative.

The media isn’t buying the Hunter Biden scandal, so Lara Trump is reduced to going on Newsmax and preaching to the choir.

Trump will float a ton of false claims about Biden, but claiming that he and his family are the real criminals is such a defiance of reality that only conservative media and the MAGAs will buy it.

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