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In The Last 24 Hours 3 More House Republicans Admitted There Is No Evidence For Biden Impeachment

Last updated on December 24th, 2023 at 10:09 am

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Republican Reps. David Joyce, Darin LaHood, and Kelly Armstrong all admitted in the last 24 hours that there is no evidence to impeach Joe Biden.

Here are the quotes:



Even House Republicans who will be potentially voting to impeach the President Of The United States are admitting that their impeachment investigation is baseless.

The Repubican quotes highlight the dilemma that the Republican majority is facing. The House MAGAs are already demanding that Biden be impeached. They are not stopping at an impeachment investigation. The MAGAs are going to drag the Republicans who believe that there is no evidence into holding an impeachment vote.

When that happens, things will get interesting fast.

House Republicans are likely to only have two-seat majority for some time, so the fact that three members of their conference aren’t buying the lack of evidence is telling.

If Speaker Johnson brings Biden impeachment to the floor for a vote and fails, it would be one of the greatest House majority embarrassments in the nation’s history.

Since the current House majority is all about making the wrong kind of history by doing things like expelling their own members and firing their own speaker, nothing should be ruled out.,

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