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Mike Johnson Thinks God Made Him Speaker And Now Republicans Are Preparing To Fire Him

Rep. Mike Johnson thinks that God elevated him to be the Speaker of the House, but his days as speaker look to be numbered as Republican outrage grows.

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Politico reported:

A growing number of House Republicans are increasingly frustrated with Johnson’s leadership and whispering about whether he can hang on to his role after 2024 — if he even makes it that far.

Despite serving barely three months as speaker, the Louisianan is already facing an immediate threat from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who openly disparages him and suggests she may try to boot him from the speakership.

“I don’t think he’s safe right now,” Greene said, adding: “The only reason he’s speaker is because our conference is so desperate.”

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Speaker Johnson believes that God chose him to be the speaker. God apparently only chose Johnson after every other Republican in the House majority who wanted the job couldn’t win it.

It seems unfathomable that House Republicans would fire a speaker after getting a speaker in place has been such a nightmare, but the same group of House Republicans that kicked Kevin McCarthy to the curb, minus Rep. Greene, have been grumbling about Johnson agreeing to a funding deal to keep the government.

There is a group of House Republicans who want to shut down the government over the border. This same group would be happy to get the government shut down until after the 2024 election.

Mike Johnson committed the same offense as Kevin McCarthy. Johnson dared to work with Democrats to keep the government open instead of allowing Trump’s MAGA minions in the House to burn it all down.

House Republicans may keep Johnson around as speaker through the current Congress, but if the 2024 election goes as badly for them as experts think it will, MAGA Mike’s days in House leadership will be over.

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