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Even Republicans Are Saying They Are Likely To Lose The House

Even Republicans Are Saying They Are Likely To Lose The House

Even House Republicans are admitting that their House majority is probably toast in November.

2 weeks ago

Sen. Raphael Warnock Rebukes Mike Johnson For Using Christianity To Divide Us

Sen. and Rev. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) called out Speaker of the House Mike Johnson for weaponizing Christianity and using it…

3 weeks ago

WH Reads House Republicans the Riot Act for Being on Vacation As They Harm National Security

Deputy Press Secretary and Senior Communications Adviser Andrew Bates read House Republicans the riot act for being on their 6th day…

2 months ago

Speaker Mike Johnson Has Been A Disaster For Republicans

From an inability to pass legislation to not telling members of his own party what's going on, Speaker Mike Johnson…

2 months ago

Hakeem Jeffries Highlights Mike Johnson’s Failure With Pelosi Comparison

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries pointed out that Speaker Emerita Pelosi had the exact same margins in the last Congress…

2 months ago

Mike Johnson Throws House Republicans Under The Bus For His Failures

After a rather epic lesson in public humiliation due to his own forced errors, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) blamed "the…

2 months ago

Mike Johnson Completely Humiliates Himself On Meet The Press

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson twisted and turned in every direction as he humiliated himself on Meet The Press.

2 months ago

Mike Johnson Thinks God Made Him Speaker And Now Republicans Are Preparing To Fire Him

Rep. Mike Johnson thinks that God elevated him to be the Speaker of the House, but his days as speaker…

3 months ago

Speaker Mike Johnson’s Approval Rating Is A Disaster For Republicans

A new Monmouth University Poll found that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has just a 17% approval rating, and he is…

4 months ago

Mike Johnson Is Helping 1/6 Attackers Evade DOJ Charges

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) defended blurring the faces of 1/6 attackers in Capitol video because he doesn't want them charged…

5 months ago

Rep. Justin Jones Uses The Bible To Destroy Mike Johnson’s Gun Worship

Tennessee state Rep. Justin Jones used the Bible to call out Speaker Mike Johnson for using his faith to worship…

6 months ago

MAGA Mike Johnson Plans To Stab Democracy In The Back

Speaker Mike Johnson said that he is only going to try to pass a stand-alone Israel aid bill, and will…

6 months ago

After 3 Weeks of Paralyzed Government Mike Johnson Gives the House a Long Weekend

Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana has began his speakership in the wake of three weeks of inaction by his chamber…

6 months ago

House Republicans Are Already Falling Apart After Mike Johnson Election

It took House Republicans less than a day to be divided as Republicans in districts won by Biden say they…

6 months ago