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Biden And Democrats Get A Massive Win For Democracy As House Passes Ukraine Aid

It took months, but the Putin GOP was finally defeated in the House as the body passed a package of aid to Ukraine.

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The vote was 311-112-1.

211 Democrats and  100 Republicans voted for aid to Ukraine. 1 House Republican voted present.

The size of the pro-Russia faction in the House was on display when a Marjorie Taylor Greene-backed amendment to strip Ukraine aid out of the Ukraine aid bill got 71 Republican votes.

The aid was long overdue in being passed. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the Senate will vote on the Ukraine aid bill on Tuesday.

The legislation is a major victory for those who are fighting for democracy both in the United States and abroad.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson will now face a motion to vacate the chair offered by Rep. Greene (R-GA). Once Greene formally introduces her motion, the House will have to vote on it in two legislative days.

Democrats are willing to save Speaker Johnson’s job, but that might not be enough in the long-term.

Mike Johnson shouldn’t be praised or rewarded for doing the right thing.

Hopefully, the aid is not too late for Ukraine, because it should have never taken so long for pro-democracy forces to prevail.

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