U.S. Supreme Court

Biden Blasts The Supreme Court For Betraying Common Sense And The Constitution In Gun Ruling

President Biden responded to the Supreme Court's concealed carry ruling by pointing out that it contradicted both common sense and…

3 days ago

Opinion: Democrats Must Stand Up for The People Whose Votes Ginni and Clarence Thomas Treated Like Trash

Enough with the "maybe Clarence Thomas should recuse" discussion. Recuse? This assumes he belongs on the Supreme Court. His wife…

1 week ago

The FBI Needs To Visit Ginni Thomas After Her Larger Role In Coup Plot Revealed

The Supreme Court has had no comment after it was revealed that Ginni Thomas pressured 29 Arizona lawmakers to overturn…

2 weeks ago

Ketanji Brown Jackson Delivers Blunt Takedown of SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Leak

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who will be sworn in to serve on the United States Supreme Court, has addressed the…

1 month ago

Clarence Thomas Throws A Fit Over Roe Protests

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas claimed that conservatives would never protest at Supreme Court Justices' homes.

1 month ago

Susan Collins Calls Police on Sidewalk Chalk Urging Her to Protect Women’s Rights

Republican Senator Susan Collins called the police after concerned citizens left a message in chalk outside of her home urging…

2 months ago

GOP Humiliated As Leading Theory Is A Conservative Clerk Leaked Roe Draft

A leading theory has emerged on the source of the Roe leak, it is a humiliation for Republicans who claimed…

2 months ago

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Wants To Overturn Roe To Create A “Domestic Supply Of Infants” For Adoption

Buried in the Alito Roe draft opinion is the idea that Roe needs to be overturned to create a domestic…

2 months ago

Religious Hypocrite Pence Lashes Out at Harris After She Vows to Fight for Abortion Rights

Former Vice President Mike Pence lashed out at Vice President Kamala Harris after she vowed to fight for abortion rights.…

2 months ago

Chief Justice John Roberts Is Appalled By Opinion Leak, Not Women Losing Their Rights

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts told a group of lawyers and judges that he is appalled by the draft opinion…

2 months ago

Chief Justice Roberts To Investigate SCOTUS Leaker But Not Clarence And Ginni Thomas

Chief Justice Roberts said that there will be an investigation of the SCOTUS leaker, but he has done nothing about…

2 months ago

Opinion: Overturning Roe Leads Us Right Back To Brett Kavanaugh

It turns out that the people most emotionally deluded were those defending Brett Kavanaugh and the deceptively rigged confirmation hearing

2 months ago

Romney Calls for Whoever Leaked SCOTUS Opinion on Roe v. Wade to Be Punished

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said he supports the Supreme Court's leaked draft opinion indicating that the court will overturn Roe…

2 months ago

Opinion: New Revelations Show Why Clarence Thomas Has Got To Go

Clarence Thomas should not be sitting on the Supreme Court, and it is an under-reaction to suggest he should recuse.

2 months ago

News Icon Dan Rather Condemns GOP’s Treatment of Judge Jackson

Broadcast news veteran Dan Rather issued a condemnation of the Republican Party's treatment of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe…

3 months ago

17 Organizations Ask House And Senate Democrats To Investigate Clarence Thomas For Misconduct

17 organizations have come together to call on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to investigate Justice Clarence Thomas for…

3 months ago

Spineless Mitch McConnell Defends Clarence Thomas After News of Ginni Thomas’s 1/6 Involvement

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) defended Justice Clarence Thomas, criticizing “clumsy bullying from the political branches” over Thomas's handling…

3 months ago

Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch, Alito, And Thomas Dissent From Ruling That Biden Is Commander In Chief

The Supreme Court ruled that Biden is the Commander in Chief and Courts can't interfere with his power, but Thomas,…

3 months ago

Manchin Will Vote to Confirm Jackson for SCOTUS

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) announced he will vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, increasing…

3 months ago

Clarence Thomas Leaves Hospital But Now Faces Ethics Concerns After Wife’s Involvement with 1/6 Revealed

Justice Clarence Thomas has officially left the hospital after a stay of nearly a week after he was forced to miss…

3 months ago