American Society of Civil Engineers

Paul Ryan Lies About Amtrak While Pledging No Republican Infrastructure Funding

Instead of acknowledging that as an austerity-minded Republican his only priority and primary goal for serving in the House cutting…

8 years ago

GOP-Koch Drive To Privatize Rail Service Caused Deadly Amtrak Derailment

The tragic accident was, by all accounts, entirely due to perpetually inadequate funding for the nation's transportation infrastructure; just one…

8 years ago

President Obama Advances 478 Billion Dollar Infrastructure Funding Proposal

The President's plan is a common sense approach to reinvesting in America by rebuilding its transportation infrastructure.

8 years ago

Republicans Won’t Fund Roads or Schools But Funded Two Wars to Benefit the Rich

Most Americans do not object to debt when they receive something in return such as road or schools, but a…

10 years ago