Ben Stein

Conservative Economist Ben Stein Says Trump May Make Him Vote Democrat for First Time

"I don't know where he got the idea that you can just somehow drive a big pickup truck into Mexico…

7 years ago

Trump’s Plan to Cut Corporate Taxes Takes a Brutal Hit from Conservative Economist

"The evidence that tax cuts stimulate business in any kind of meaningful extremely poor to put it mildly."

7 years ago

Conservative Pundit Ben Stein Says Poor Black People Are “Pathetic” And “Self-Defeating”

Ben Stein appeared on Newsmax TV Monday afternoon and declared that the biggest problem with race in America is that…

8 years ago

Conservative Columnist George Will Claims Rape Victim is a ‘Coveted Status’ on Campus

George Will attacks college campuses for rape prevention efforts, mocking them as political correctness gone too far.

9 years ago

Fox News Claims the Economy is Great in Order to Bash President Obama

In an attempt to bash the President over food stamp usage, Fox News claimed that the recession ended four years…

10 years ago

Fox News Attacks Los Angeles for Boycotting Arizona

Not content with attacking politicians from their so called news desks, Fox News has now taken to attacking entire cities,…

13 years ago