Bob Vander Plaats

Ted Cruz Flushes His Campaign Down the Toilet For the Religious Right

When Ted Cruz selected Family Leader's Bob Vander Plaats as his national co-chair, he signaled his dependence on a minority…

6 years ago

Bob Vander Plaats Says Exercising First Amendment Rights Mocks God

Yes, actually exercising your First Amendment right to have your own beliefs is a "huge concern" with "spiritual ramifications" in…

7 years ago

Religious Right: GOP Will Never Win Presidency if They Soften Gay Rights Stance

The Religious Right thinks, despite all the evidence, that doubling down on anti-gay bigotry will have better results than Indiana

7 years ago

Getting Cray-Cray for God in Iowa – or Let’s Party Like it’s 2016

Though we're three-years-plus out from Election Day 2016, the Iowa clown car is fast filling up with those jockeying to…

9 years ago