campaign finance reform

Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Terrify The Koch Brothers With A Single Sentence

If the sight of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton standing together wasn't enough to scare the right-wing billionaires, Hillary Clinton's…

7 years ago

Even Conservatives Are Saying That Citizens United Must Be Stopped

It isn't just liberals and Democrats who believe that Citizens United must be overturned. Conservatives are increasingly realizing that the…

7 years ago

Al Franken Didn’t Support the Funding Bill Because It Gives the Wealthy Even More Influence

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) issued the following statement condemning the gutting of campaign finance reform and putting taxpayers on the…

8 years ago

SCOTUS Refuses Appeal That Would Have Allowed Corporations to Buy Candidates Directly

Today the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal claiming that the ban of direct contributions violates corporations' free-speech rights.

10 years ago

Occupy Inspires me to Vote, Voting Inspires me to Occupy

The choice has never been either popular democracy or institutional change--the choice has always been do both or get neither.

11 years ago

Super PACs: The Perfect Storm for the Destruction of the Founders’ Democracy

Citizens United has created an entire class - a cabal - that is coming between the people and the representative…

11 years ago

Mayberry Machiavelli Karl Rove Lies About His Thug Super PAC

Here's a shocker for you. A lawyer has called Karl Rove 'delusional' and 'lying' in his response to questions filed…

11 years ago

Corporate Sugar Daddies Shower Their Kept Candidates with Money

Have you ever wondered why most polls reflect a decidedly liberal issue tilt and yet state and national elections fill…

11 years ago

Corruption On The Hill: Keystone XL Is Why Power Must Return To The People

The more one discovers the amount of influence the oil industry exerts on members of Congress, the more important campaign…

11 years ago

Buddy Roemer: The Best Republican Presidential Candidate You’ve Never Heard Of

He's a former governor and U. S. Congressman, and—unlike his competitors for the Republican Presidential nomination—an eminently sensible man. Chances…

11 years ago

Corrupt John Boehner Invested In Oil Companies Then Pushed Keystone XL

John Boehner's invested in Canada's tar sand oil companies and then lied about the number of jobs the Keystone pipeline…

11 years ago

Money and Lies at the Heart of Republican Strategy in 2010

They blame healthcare reform but if any physicians drop their patients, it won't be because of "Obamacare." It will be…

13 years ago

The Dirty Game of Justice

If you thought politics was dirty, try justice. For the past ten years, runaway spending has been funneled into state…

13 years ago

Scott Brown Rejects Both Democracy and the Disclose Act

By refusing to vote for the Disclosure Act, Brown is ensuring that our elections can be bought by special interests…

13 years ago

The Selling of our Democracy:How AT&T Owns Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner

You may think that Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner would have very little in common, but in the…

13 years ago