Christian mythology

The Problem of Fake Christians

Jesus said to love. They hate. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. They attack. Jesus said to pray in…

9 years ago

Matthew Hagee Says it’s Not Climate Change You’re Feeling – It’s Jesus’ Return

Hagee says, "The Bible says that whenever we approach the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ,that there would be strange…

9 years ago

Megyn Kelly’s White Santa Betrays the Conservative’s Fear of the Other

When conservatives say they want a "white" Christmas, they really mean they want a WHITE Christmas.

9 years ago

Christmas is a Pagan Holiday – Get Over it Already

If you want to know the reason for the season, you don't have to look back to Christ but past…

9 years ago

Sarah Palin Disgraces History With Claim Adams and Jefferson Support Her War on Christmas

Sarah Palin's contention that Founding Fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson would join her in the war against the imagined…

9 years ago

For the Last Time, the Constitution is Not Based on the Bible

Tom DeLay says "God created the nation and God created the Constitution; it is written on biblical principles."

9 years ago

Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp Put the Fool in April Fool’s Day

Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp says marriage equality is unpatriotic and will destroy the family and motherhood - and even your…

10 years ago

The GOP Needs to Shed its God Problem Before it’s Too Late

The Republican Party needs to shed its God problem before its unhealthy obsession destroys America

10 years ago

Fundamentalist Christianity Is a Collection of Justifications for Hate

Christian Fundamentalism represents less a coherent religion than a collection of excuses and justifications for bigotry and hatred

11 years ago