El Salvador

Trump Threatens To Send Troops to the U.S.-Mexico Border

According to a new article this morning in the Washington Post, “President Donald Trump has threatened to summon the military to…

4 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Forget The Falklands

There's nothing Friday Fox Follies likes least than to repeat a topic from last week because new jokes are hard…

8 years ago

If You’re Keeping Score, Add The LA Riots To List Of Things Bill O’Reilly Has Lied About

On Thursday evening, The Guardian published a report claiming six people who worked with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly during…

8 years ago

Bill O’Reilly Resorts To Name-Calling And Insults In Response To Mother Jones Story

During the Friday night broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly responded to a Mother Jones story showing he…

8 years ago

CDC Director Smacks Down Republican’s Idiotic ‘Immigrants Brought Measles’ Theory

Preventing measles in America doesn't require more troops on the border, it requires putting more vaccination needles in our children.

8 years ago

Republicans Embrace Bizarre Conspiracy That Obama Is Behind Immigrant Surge

During the Thursday broadcast of his radio show, right-wing mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh discussed the possibility that President Obama is responsible…

9 years ago

When Religious Belief is Put Aside for Corporate Global Domination

Two of the oddest couples in election history were created this year when Mormon Governor Mitt RMoney picked multimillionaire Congressman…

11 years ago