Bret Baier Outed As A Fraud Who Tried To Get Arizona Call Reversed For Trump

After Fox News called Arizona for Biden on election night 2020, Bret Baier tried to get the network to reverse…

1 week ago

Fox News’s Steve Doocy Drills Marco Rubio About Top Secret Files

Steve Doocy seems personally offended by Trump's actions and has blasted all MAGA attempts to lessen the severity of the…

3 weeks ago

Fox News Producer Warned Network Not To Put Judge Jeanine On The Air Due To Election Lies

The Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit has uncovered evidence that the network was by a producer not to put Judge Jeanine…

3 weeks ago

Mainstream Media Ignores That Judge Who Granted Special Master Is A Trump Appointee

The mainstream media headlines after Trump was granted a special master in the classified documents case ignored the fact that…

3 weeks ago

Biden Turns The Tables On Peter Doocy And Smashes Fox/Trump Misinformation

Peter Doocy asked Biden if he considers Trump supporters to be a threat to the nation, and Biden wrecked the…

4 weeks ago

Fox Host Steve Doocy Shocked by DOJ’s Pictures And Stunned by Trump’s Actions

A stunned Steve Doocy sat almost in a state of shock over the pictures in DOJ's filing.

4 weeks ago

Rachel Maddow Is On One Night A Week But She Still Beat Sean Hannity In August

Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show only airs on Monday night, but she still drew more viewers than Fox News's Sean Hannity.

4 weeks ago

Fox News Launches An Absolute Disaster Of A Defense Of Trump

Fox News's big defense of Trump is to ask why the FBI didn't raid him sooner, which is not helpful…

1 month ago

Fox News Melts Down After Biden Calls Out Trump GOP Fascism

After President Biden said that the Trump Republican Party is on the march to semi-fascism, Fox News responded by melting…

1 month ago

As #BoycottCNN Trends Brian Stelter Defends Democracy On Last Reliable Sources

It wasn't a coincidence that #BoycottCNN was trending as Brian Stelter used the final episode of Reliable Sources to defend…

1 month ago

Merrick Garland Has Triggered A Crisis Meltdown At Fox News

It took Merrick Garland one less than ten-minute statement to trigger a crisis at Fox News.

2 months ago

Joe Manchin Goes On Fox News And Calls Out Their Lies

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) went on Fox News and called out the network's "outright lies," and asked if they were…

2 months ago

Fox News Contributors Glenn Greenwald And Tulsi Gabbard Named Russian Propagandists By Ukraine

Fox News contributors  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Glenn Greenwald have been named Russian propagandists by Ukraine.

2 months ago

Reality Slaps Fox News Viewers In The Face As Democratic Congressman Debunks Maria Bartiromo’s Biden Inflation Lies

Maria Bartiromo tried to push her false claims blaming Biden solely for inflation, but Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) debunked them…

2 months ago

Rachel Maddow And MSNBC Obliterate Fox News On 1/6 Hearing Primetime Ratings

The Rachel Maddow anchored MSNBC coverage of the second primetime 1/6 Committee hearing was the most watched and drew millions…

2 months ago

Fox News Loses Trusted News Source Rating From Journalism Watchdog

Newsguard has downgraded Fox News from a green trustworthy rating to red proceed with caution.

2 months ago

MSNBC Beats Fox News For The Seventh Straight Time As Viewership Grows For 1/6 Hearings

For the seventh consecutive time, MSNBC's 1/6 Committee hearing coverage finished number one over Fox News.

3 months ago

MSNBC Names Alex Wagner To Take Over Rachel Maddow’s T-F Timeslot

MSNBC has announced that Alex Wagner will be the new T-F host of MSNBC's 9 PM hour.

3 months ago

Fox News Loses Big As Judge Finds Fox Knew Voting Machine Claims Were Lies

A federal judge ruled against the Murdochs and the parent company of Fox News in their bid to get the…

3 months ago

CNN’s Jim Acosta Is Putting Up Ratings That Beat Fox News

CNN's Jim Acosta is putting up viewership numbers in his weekend show that beat Fox News in the key 18-49…

4 months ago