Right-Wing Christians and Republican Policies Are Making America Stupid

The preponderance of fundamentalist Christians in America are why so many Americans are comparatively unintelligent when it comes to scientific…

9 years ago

The Religious Right Is Counting On the Courts To Help Them Achieve Their Tyrannical Goals

Right wing Christians define their right to practice religion as forcing compliance of their beliefs on the rest of the…

10 years ago

Bad Apple Ted Cruz Didn’t Fall Far From His Father’s Equally Rotten Tree

If Americans wondered what drove the man who masterminded the $24 billion government shutdown all they need to know is…

10 years ago

Fundamentalist Christians Play by Different Set of Rules that Defy the Tenets of Their Religion

Unlike football, one group of Christians is playing by a different set of rules that defy the tenets of the…

10 years ago

America is Christian Nation. If We Don’t Like it, We Should Get Out

Another one of the 24 percent tells the 76 percent to get out because America is THEIR country: white and…

11 years ago

An Interview with Nonbeliever Nation’s Author, David Niose

I ask David Niose, author of Nonbeliever Nation, a few questions about his book and about recent events in both…

11 years ago

Christian End-Time Fantasies Endanger Us All

Christian end time fantasies are not limited to the world of fiction; these people get elected to office and influence,…

11 years ago

Fundamentalist Christianity Is Collection of Justifications for Hate

Christian Fundamentalism represents less a coherent religion than a collection of excuses and justifications for bigotry and hatred

11 years ago