hydraulic fracturing

EPA Report That Fracking Poisons Water Seals Its Fate

"EPA’s report confirms what experts and the science show: that fracking operations put our drinking water at risk. "

6 years ago

Oklahoma Suffers Earthquake Near Oil Pipeline Hub and Mammoth Oil Storage Facility

There are “several lines of evidence that the earthquakes in the areas are directly related to the disposal of wastewater…

7 years ago

New York Bans Fracking Due to Health Risks – Wisconsin Bans Fracking Regulation Due To Greed

Republicans depend on lies and deceit to convince their ignorant base to support dangerous policies, and it is why they…

8 years ago

Corporate Greed Forces First City In California To Run Out Of Water

For several California cities, that corporate greed is finally paying dividends, and not the good kind, leaving them without water.

9 years ago

Report Confirms Fracking is Poisoning California’s Dwindling Aquifers

This week, yet another report reveals that fracking in California has contaminated aquifers during a historical drought.

9 years ago

A Fracking Disaster: Scientists Directly Link Fracking To Earthquakes and Health Hazards

The team of U.S. Geological Survey scientists found a wealth of evidence "directly linking" an increase in Colorado and New…

9 years ago

The Big Oil and Gas-Owned Republican House Trying to Do the Fracking Bidding of Big Gas and Oil

The political attention of most Americans has been concentrated on the latest developments at HealthCare.gov. Meanwhile fracking explodes.

10 years ago

Fracking Debate May Get Chance to Use Science As a Reason for a Ban

No other state that's allowed fracking has imposed a moratorium to study environmental and health effects. Can New York use…

11 years ago