Trump Is Worried About Self-Incrimination In Michael Cohen Lawsuit

Trump Is Worried About Self-Incrimination In Michael Cohen Lawsuit

Donald Trump is worried that the discovery phase of the lawsuit he filed against Michael Cohen might incriminate him in…

2 months ago

Ivanka Trump Fails To Get Around Court Order Watching Her Money

Ivanka Trump tried to carve out an exception for her to protect her personal assets. It didn't work.

10 months ago

NYC’s Largest Police Union Says They Will Sue if COVID Vaccines Are Mandated

The vaccine against COVID-19 has been readily available for a number of months. Unfortunately, not enough people are taking the…

2 years ago

Failed GOP Candidate Kim Klacik is Suing Candace Owens For $20 Million

Last summer, congressional candidate Kim Klacik released a campaign video that featured her walking along the streets of Baltimore. The…

2 years ago

Two of the Country’s Most Reviled Congressmen Are Suing Sergeant at Arms Over House Metal Detector Rules

Following the January 6th insurrection on the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi decided that there needed to be stricter safety measures in…

2 years ago

Firm Fires Mike Lindell’s Lawyer For Filing Unauthorized Suits Against Dominion and Smartmatic

Since he left office in January of this year, Donald Trump has become quite toxic. The former president was banned…

2 years ago

WATCH: Stephen Miller Tells Fox News He’s Suing Joe Biden to Protect White People

Donald Trump might be out of the White House, but he took some of the most controversial members of his…

2 years ago

Mike Pence’s Former Press Secretary Mocks the Lawsuit Filed Against the VP by Pro-Trump Lawmakers

Many members of the GOP have given up on Donald Trump's attempts to overturn the election. They stood by as…

3 years ago

Senator John Cornyn Says He’s Struggling to Understand “Legal Theory” Behind Texas Election Lawsuit

Donald Trump has run out of almost all legal options to contest the 2020 election. The members of his legal…

3 years ago

Trump Sues To Try To Block John Bolton From Publishing His Book

Trump is so afraid of the contents of John Bolton's book that he had the DOJ sue his own former…

3 years ago

U.S. judge blocks drilling over climate change, casting doubt on Trump agenda

By Nichola Groom (Reuters) - A U.S. judge has blocked oil drilling planned in Wyoming because the government failed to…

5 years ago

Democrats Ready To Use Their Own Money To Wage Lawsuit Against Trump’s Business Conflicts

Democrats are getting ready to wage a legal battle against Donald Trump on the basis that his business entanglements have…

6 years ago

Obama’s Home State Files First Lawsuit Against Donald Trump’s New Travel Ban

The new Trump order reduces the number of people targeted, but the unconstitutional intent remains the same.

7 years ago

Trump seeks to bar personal conduct claims from Trump University trial

Attorneys for Donald Trump asked a U.S. judge to bar accusations about his personal conduct from an upcoming civil trial…

7 years ago

ALEC Threatens Progressives With A Lawsuit For Calling Out Its Lies

Interestingly, the Koch-backed anti-environmental group is threatening to file suit against progressive and liberal groups for accusing ALEC of lying…

8 years ago