Hypocrisy Alert: Patriarchal Glenn Beck Says Gay Marriage is About Power

Beck, spokesman for patriarchal control, says "the [gay] agenda is control and the destruction of anyone else who disagrees,"

8 years ago

The Religious Right’s Full Page Denunciation of the United States Constitution

If you want a place where you tell everybody what God wants and then force everybody else to listen to…

8 years ago

Amicus Tells Supreme Court that Marriage Equality Will Cause 900,000 Abortions

A hysterical claim backed up by zero facts equals the perfect Republican argument against marriage equality

8 years ago

Note to the AFA and SCOTUS: Marriage Predates the Bible

The AFA wants the Supreme Court to ignore all other beliefs and all other religions in favor of theirs, but…

8 years ago

Editorial Cartoon: Devolution

Florida's AG, Pam Bondi, believes that only men and women should marry each other... many times, as in her case.…

8 years ago

How North Carolina Represents A Microcosm Of Marriage Equality

This monumental victory for North Carolina concluded a historic week nationwide for marriage equality. Ten states in the past week…

8 years ago

Tenth Circuit Court Dismantles Religious Right Marriage Equality Claims in Utah

The Court pointed out that "the Supreme Court has repeated held that public opposition cannot provide cover for a violation…

9 years ago

Republicans Are Following The Nazi Model of Forced Marriage for Women To the Letter

The Nazi goal, like the religious right and patriarchs in conservative ranks, was to send women into domestic servitude married,…

9 years ago

The Republican Plan to Violate the First Amendment by Establishing Religion

Tim Huelskamp's Federal Marriage Amendment is not only bad politics bad religion, it's against the law of the land

10 years ago

Conservative Christians Lose It and Threaten President Obama, the GOP, and the Supreme Court

conservative Christians, did not limit their threats to President Obama and the Supreme Court, and set their sights squarely on…

10 years ago

Should ANY Of Us Need the State’s OK To Wed?

Shouldn't we be questioning the right of government to mess with marriage at all?

10 years ago

Sorry, Newt ~ It is You and Your Audiences That Are Despicable!

The dirty little secret behind the GOP debate crowds is that these audiences are hand chosen by the handlers of…

11 years ago