Coming Soon: Vengeance Against NLRB For Ruling Against Trump in Union Fight

"The question for us is will Trump as president use the power he has to interfere -- given that he…

5 years ago

Scott Walker Commits Political Suicide By Promising To Step Up His War On American Workers

With his poll numbers in free fall, Walker has decided to step up his war on American workers.

7 years ago

Wisconsin Eliminating Weekends Is Another Koch Idea For A Nation of Slave Labor

Democrats expected Walker to eliminate the state's 'prevailing wage' law requiring workers on public projects to be paid the established…

7 years ago

Walmart Is Being Prosecuted for Illegally Firing or Disciplining 117 Employees

The NLRB has announced that they will be prosecuting Walmart for the illegal firing or disciplining of 117 employees who…

8 years ago