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Harry Reid Applauds DOJ Plan to Address GOP Neglected Police Brutality

Harry Reid Applauds DOJ Plan to Address GOP Neglected Police Brutality

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid applauded the Department of Justice’s plan, announced on Thursday, to address police brutality. Also, Reid…

7 years ago

Study: Thirty-five Years of Conservative Policies Contributed to Violence In Baltimore

The problem with the Republicans' argument and lies, and there are many, is that statistics continue to prove that conservative…

9 years ago

Thanks For Doing The Right Thing, Mayor Summey

The question I suspect a lot of black folks are asking today in the wake of the recent murder-by-cop of…

9 years ago

Black Cops Feel Threatened By And Fear Other (White) Officers

Black New York City police officers admitted they are regularly racially profiled by white officers and worse

9 years ago

Conservatives Have A Double Standard When It Comes To Use Of Police Force On Blacks

In the past few weeks, there has been an uprising of awareness of police brutality all over the U.S. yet…

9 years ago

DOJ to Investigate Entire Ferguson PD for Pattern of Civil Rights Violations

On Thursday, the Department of Justice plans to announce it will conduct a civil rights investigation of the Ferguson Police…

9 years ago

Fox: Saying Michael Brown was Unarmed Is Misleading Because He Was An Adult Male

While Michael Brown's family and friends gathered for his funeral on Monday, Fox continued down the Reich wing brick road…

10 years ago

‘Guaranteed Conflict Theory’ As An Explanation For Why The Police Keep Killing Black People

The broken windows policing tactic is a major reason why we see conflict between the police & African Americans. In…

10 years ago

Black and White Armed Protesters Swarm the Capitol — Can You Spot the Difference?

Imagine if the press described second amendment protesters 'violent' and 'angry' today, just because they were armed. Then imagine if…

11 years ago

No More!: We Need National Solidarity Against Police Brutality

Police brutality is a complex and long-standing plague on our national community., and it demands a large movement.

12 years ago