PolitiFact Blasts Trump’s Promises to Small Businesses and Farmers as Pants on Fire Lie

PolitiFact Blasts Trump’s Promises to Small Businesses and Farmers as Pants on Fire Lie

President Trump promised that the elimination of the estate tax would protect millions of small businesses and farmers, but this…

6 years ago

Opinion: Politifact Is Wrong – Trump’s Attack On Syria Is Illegal

"The constitutional powers to introduce the United States into hostilities, are only pursuant to a declaration of war, specific statutory…

7 years ago

Grumpy Trump Whines About ‘Vicious’ and ‘Inaccurate’ Media Coverage

"If the people of our great country could only see how viciously and inaccurately my administration is covered by certain…

7 years ago

Stephen Miller Gets a ‘Pants on Fire’ From PolitiFact for Lie NH Busses in Voters

PolitiFact concluded that "there is no evidence this occurs, and Republicans and Democrats in New Hampshire say it does not."

7 years ago

Fact Checker Shatters Trump’s Lie That Inner-City Crime Is At Record Levels

According to the PolitiFact, inner-city crime is "not even close" to reaching record highs.

7 years ago

Don’t Be Fooled – Clinton Is Well-Versed in Dealing with Wall Street and Banks

"In 2007 I was alarmed and called for addressing risks of derivatives, cracking down on subprime mortgages and improving financial…

8 years ago

Sean Hannity Gets a “Pants on Fire” From PolitiFact for Lie About Syrian Refugees

Fox News is in cahoots with Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, inventing inflated numbers of Syrian refugees to…

8 years ago

Fact Checkers Bust GOP Lie: Trump Donated A Lot More to Republicans Than Democrats

Republicans are trying to give Donald Trump to the Democrats, claiming he made "more donations to Democrats than to Republicans".…

8 years ago

Republicans Who Praise Ted Nugent Should Be Regarded as Nazi Sympathizers

There is a saying that a person is known by the company they keep, and the Republicans praising, excusing and…

10 years ago

Right Wing Billionaires Shudder as PolitiFact Confirms Bernie Sanders Speaks the Truth

Sen. Bernie Sanders has seen his statements about wealth inequality attacked by the right, but PolitiFact has confirmed that Bernie…

11 years ago