Stronger Together: Hear Us ‘Roar’ on and beyond Election Day

The election results will the story of the hopes and dreams this country has for its future.

6 years ago

Satanists Secure a Secular Victory and Stop Prayers At Government Meetings

When a member of a Satanic temple signed up to deliver the opening prayer on February 17 to provide the…

7 years ago

A Note to Speaker Ryan: Prayer Won’t Turn Flint’s Poisoned Water into Wine

Ryan says prayer comes first, when disaster strikes their home districts, it's money that comes first. Prayer is what they…

7 years ago

Pope Francis Condemns Christian Ideology Posing as Religion

The Pope warned that "when a Christian becomes a disciple of the ideology, he has lost the faith: he is…

9 years ago

Alabama Commission Prays Away Gay Marriage – at Meeting About Power Rates

The Alabama Public Service Commission started a meeting about power rate structures with a prayer against Marriage Equality.

10 years ago

Michele Bachmann Endorses Tyranny Over the Constitution

Michele Bachmann seems to envision an America governed not through the democratic process but through a prayer-tyranny of the bigoted…

10 years ago

When Your Doctor Offers to Pray for You

We go to medical doctors for medical care based on the most recent medical science, not for prayers

10 years ago

Fundamentalists Admit They Prayed for Obama’s Defeat and God Said No

James Dobson determined that Obama's defeat means we are living in a time of judgment and that God can make…

10 years ago

Can Reality Be Prayed Away? Fundamentalists Say Yes

Harry Jackson said he cursed the Washington Blade, a gay newspaper, out of existence. But the Blade is still there.…

10 years ago

John Bolton Says Obama Planning Blasphemy Laws to Protect Islam

It's probably needed but Obama is not going to do it, and why are we even talking about something like…

11 years ago

Christine O’Donnell Is You, But She Isn’t Running For You

God doesn’t get a vote in the United States. The people vote. You remember us, the people you are supposed…

12 years ago

The GOP is Living on a Prayer

The Republicans talk a lot about prayer, a natural off-shoot of their tendency to talk about God. If there was…

12 years ago