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Report: ‘Vengeful Personality Cult’ Blackballs Trump Critics

Report: ‘Vengeful Personality Cult’ Blackballs Trump Critics

Republican strategists who have publicly criticized Donald Trump are getting blackballed and losing jobs with GOP candidates, the Daily Beast…

5 years ago

GOP Strategist: Trump Has Killed the Republican Party

Appearing on MSNBC, GOP strategist Rick Tyler said he was extremely upset at what he heard from Donald Trump during…

5 years ago

GOP Strategist Tells Stephanie Ruhle That Trump Will ‘Fire Robert Mueller’

Rick Tyler, a well known Republican strategist, appeared on Stephanie Ruhle's show and made an assertion which appears to have…

6 years ago

GOP Strategist Warns That The Republican Party Is On Death Watch After Embracing Roy Moore

Republican strategist Rick Tyler is warning his party that they have made a deal with the devil (Trump) and that…

6 years ago

After Falsely Claiming Rubio Mocked Bible, Top Cruz Spokesperson Out

Rather than saying there are "not many answers" in the Bible, Rubio can be clearly heard saying "all the answers…

8 years ago

Republican Defends Voter ID by Saying If You Can’t Walk, You Can’t Vote

GOP operative Rick Tyler defended Pennsylvania's voter ID law today with the rationale that if a person can't physically go…

12 years ago