Republicans Only Have Religious Freedom Because The Founders Created A Secular Nation

If these evangelicals in the Republican ranks had even the slightest clue how fortunate they are to live in a…

7 years ago

Fighting Back the Right: Reclaiming America from the Attack on Reason

This is not an epistle of despair, but more of a secular gospel of hope, and a plan for positive…

8 years ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook Slams Republicans’ Religious Freedom Laws

A powerful CEO of a giant corporation took the time to say what few others have; "There is something very…

8 years ago

Duck Dynasty Star Fantasizes About Rape And Murder Of Atheist Family At Prayer Breakfast

At a prayer breakfast, Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson fantasized aloud about an atheist family being raped, tortured, and murdered.

8 years ago

Bill Maher Claims All Religion is Stupid and Dangerous

Think responsibly. If we lived in a fact-based world, and want those facts to matter, we should be less like…

8 years ago

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Says Non-Religious People are Insane

Donohue says, non-religious people "believe in no-holds-barred. They don't like the three dreaded words in the English language...thou shalt not"

8 years ago

Michigan License To Discriminate A Portent Of Impending Theocracy  

It is astonishing, but the extremist Christian fundamentalists are basing their punitive power on the religious freedom guarantee in the…

8 years ago

Right-Wing Clergy Are Violating the Law With Impunity Right Up To Election Day

It is no great shock, then, that the religious right, staunch supporters of corrupt Republicans, are blatantly violating the law…

8 years ago

Airman Ordered to Swear a Religious Oath or Get Out of the Air Force

The United States Air Force, itself sworn to "support and defend the Constitution," cannot abide by, support, or defend either…

8 years ago

SCOTUS Prayer Ruling Silences New York Town’s Non-Christians

The Catholics on the High Court made a serious error in ruling that any government prayers were constitutional.

8 years ago

The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Are Abolishing Anti-Discrimination Laws

One would think most Americans support the 14th Amendment's prohibition of unequal treatment under the law unflinchingly. Unfortunately, the religious…

9 years ago

Beyond Discrimination Arizona’s 1062 Bill Gives Criminals a Get Out Of Jail Free Card

This abomination masquerading as legislation is precisely what the religious right and career criminals have dreamt of throughout their pathetic…

9 years ago

The Religious Right Is Counting On the Courts To Help Them Achieve Their Tyrannical Goals

Right wing Christians define their right to practice religion as forcing compliance of their beliefs on the rest of the…

9 years ago

The Unfair Tax Exemption for Politically Active Churches Must End

There is a simple solution that will satisfy the Christian churches and the secular groups suing for equality, and it…

9 years ago

The Religious Right Attempts to Circumvent the Constitution By Claiming Academic Freedom

The latest attempt by the religious right to circumvent the Constitution involves claiming that prohibiting teachers from teaching the bible…

9 years ago

Are We Losing Our Religion and Does it Matter?

Gallup reported recently that 77 percent of Americans believe "religion is losing its influence on American life."

10 years ago

Grandmother Says She is Persecuted if She is Not Allowed to Convert Grandson

Visiting Grandma should not carry with it the prerequisite of conversion

10 years ago

This Holiday Season Do Your Own Thing and Damn the Critics

Conservative Christians despise atheism as being a subjective form of morality, ignoring the history of their own subjective belief system

10 years ago

An Interview with Nonbeliever Nation’s Author, David Niose

I ask David Niose, author of Nonbeliever Nation, a few questions about his book and about recent events in both…

10 years ago

Nonbeliever Nation by David Niose is a Secular Manifesto

David Niose's timely book is not another look at the Religious Right; this call to arms is written for Secular…

10 years ago

Some Hard Truths About Prayer and Crime

The morality police will continue to argue that the reverse is true but in a fact-based world this cannot be…

12 years ago