CBO Confirms Obama’s Claim That Maintaining Sequester Destroys Jobs and Growth

The CBO determined that maintaining sequester-level cuts would lead to 500,000 fewer jobs and 0.4% less growth in 2016, and…

8 years ago

As the Stock Market Looks for New Highs, Republicans Strangle The Economy

There were two specific announcements on Wednesday that, taken on their own, were just economic news reports, but if a…

9 years ago

President Obama’s Leadership on Mental Health Goes Largely Unnoticed

This week, the President led an important conference with new initiatives on mental health, but it was overlooked in favor…

10 years ago

Poll: America Wants Congress to Share in the Sacrifice

While Republicans dismiss the President's decision to voluntarily give back 5% of his pay, Americans would like Congress to follow…

10 years ago

Sequester Tantrums Reveal Yet Again That Republicans Are Developmentally Stunted

Republicans are enthusiastic about sequester cuts until it affects their wealthy constituents. Then, they throw temper tantrums.

10 years ago

Republicans Are Ready to Traumatize Poor Children

No matter how much they try to blame sequestration on Obama and the Democrats, Republicans set it up, and the…

10 years ago

Failed Republican Economics are at the Root of America’s Decade of Economic Woe

The GOP bears most of the blame for the economic woes over the past 12 years whether it was unfunded…

10 years ago

As Fiscal Cliff Approaches Republicans Try to Kill 2 Million Jobs

With fiscal cliff in sight, Republicans will not accept anything less than austerity measures that guarantee to kill 2 million…

11 years ago