Southern Strategy

Opinion: Manchin’s Betrayal Typifies Long-Standing Conservative Misinformation Campaign Against American Worker

Opinion: Manchin’s Betrayal Typifies Long-Standing Conservative Misinformation Campaign Against American Worker

The ongoing public negotiation among Manchin, Biden, and progressive Democrats has made clear that Manchin has been trafficking the same…

2 years ago

Opinion: How Trump, Against Himself, is Making America Safe for Anti-Racism, Democracy

This unfortunate and hopefully soon-expiring moment in U.S. history, Donald Trump’s presidency, has been anything but subtle in summoning the…

4 years ago

Opinion: For Trump, States’ Rights are OK for Racism and Sexism, but not Saving the Planet

Last Thursday the Trump administration announced its intention to revoke California’s right to set its own auto emissions standards. The…

5 years ago

Opinion: Beware of Anti-Trump Republican Apostates Claiming Conservatism Isn’t Racist

Defending conservativism against charges it is an inherently racist ideology has become de rigeur among not just that sector of…

5 years ago

Beyond Disowning Trump, GOP Apostates Must Be Accountable for History of Exploiting Political Offices at People’s Expense

Joe Scarborough, former Republican but still self-proclaimed conservative host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, has hoisted himself into media and political…

5 years ago

Rampant Misogyny and Racism Challenge the Working of Our Representational Democracy

In the first round of Democratic primary debates, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke up strongly not just in favor of women’s…

5 years ago

Bryan Fischer Claims Confederate Flag is a Democratic Problem

Fischer ignores 150 years of history since Lincoln, including the GOP's Southern Strategy to attract all the racists over to…

9 years ago

Tea Party’s Defeat Of Eric Cantor Could Eventually Spell Doom For The Republican Party

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) lost in the Republican primary Tuesday night to Tea Party upstart David Brat. Republicans…

10 years ago

Conservatives Threaten to Abandon GOP if Republicans Stop Hating Gays

Social conservatives warned RNC Chair Reince Priebus this week via a letter that he better stop trying to bring the…

11 years ago

A Revealing Look at Racism’s Role in Which Party White People Support

Ever since Democrats passed the Civil Rights Act and championed policies supporting minorities, whites have been defecting from the party.

12 years ago