Syrian Refugees

Canadian Choir Cancels U.S. Trip To Protect Children From Trump

A choir from Canada, made up of children who are refugees from Syria, has canceled its planned trip to sing…

5 years ago

Opinion: Trump’s Moronic Lies – Germany Doesn’t Owe America Vast Sums of Money

"[Trump] keeps saying that ‘we’ need to be paid by the Europeans for the fact that we have troops in…

6 years ago

Trump’s Numbers Continue To Tank As 60% Of Americans Don’t Think He’s ‘Level-Headed’

Overall, the poll reflects a resounding rejection of Trump as a person and the agenda he has worked to implement…

6 years ago

Republican Rep. Charlie Dent Calls on Trump to Halt Enforcement of Muslim Ban

“I urge the admin to halt enforcement of this order until a more thoughtful and deliberate policy can be instated"

6 years ago

Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy Schools Republicans on Trump Muslim Ban

"There is no moral equivalence between Obama's reluctance to militarily intervene in Syria and the #MuslimBan."

6 years ago

Senate Democrats Call Ryan’s Bluff and Reject SAFE Act Sleight of Hand

Ryan wanted Americans to believe Republicans are actually doing something, when really it's just more prime-time Republican theater

7 years ago

Nikki Haley Enrages Religious Right and GOP by Being ‘Soft’ on Gays and Muslims

By calling out Trump and calling for respect for differences in modern marriage, Haley has placed herself between a rock…

7 years ago

Trump Kicks Muslim Woman Out of Event Because She Stood Up

A Muslim woman stood up in silent protest of Trump's attacks on Syrian refugees, and found herself escorted out to…

7 years ago

Donald Trump Freaks Out Because Syrian Refugees Have Cell Phones

Donald Trump wants to know why Syrian refugees have cell phones, who they might be calling, and who is paying…

7 years ago

Republican Stupidity Forces John Kerry To Explain the Vetting Process For Syrian Refugees

In a letter sent to all governors, Sec. Kerry had to explain again which refugees are getting priority (hint: it's…

7 years ago

Limbaugh, Republican Claim Obama Supports ISIS and Hates Freedom Because Refugees

They claim Obama is a collaborator because he adheres to America's long-standing exceptionalism of giving war-weary refugees a safe haven

7 years ago

Paul Krugman Gets It Right: Republicans Are Panicked, Stupid And Cruel

Paul Krugman noted that since Barack Obama was sworn in as President, Republicans and conservatives have done nothing but "warn…

7 years ago

Not Just Trump: Republicans Embrace Hitler’s Nazi Tactics to Target Muslims

Trump is not alone. Increasingly, Republicans are calling for concentration camps to be built to house Syrian refugees for now

7 years ago

Donald Trump Wants to Register Muslims Like the Nazis Registered Jews

Donald Trump is determined to keep the dream of the Reich alive by registering and identifying Muslims in public with…

7 years ago

Hysterical GOP Blows A Gasket In Response To Syrian Refugee Crisis

A Rhode Island GOP lawmaker wants Syrian refugees placed in internment camps where they would be segregated from the general…

7 years ago

George Takei Blasts Roanoke Mayor’s Racism

George Takei takes Roanoke Mayor David Bowers to task for not only his fear-mongering ignorance about the past, but for…

7 years ago

Hillary Clinton Calls Out Hateful Republicans, Says They Have Sunk To A New Low

She tweeted: We've seen a lot of hateful rhetoric from the GOP. But the idea that we'd turn away refugees…

7 years ago

Rupert Murdoch Says Make Exception For “Proven Christian” Refugees

Rupert Murdoch has joined Jeb Bush in wanting only Christian refugees, but upped the ante by demanding they be "proven"…

7 years ago

President Obama Vows Not To Slam The Door On Syrian Refugees Seeking Safety In America

President Obama vowed to continue supporting the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States.

7 years ago

Jeb Says Term “Islamic Terrorism” is not About Islam but Says “No” to Muslim Refugees

Jeb Bush says "Islamic terrorism" isn't really about religion but he sure doesn't want any Muslims in this country -…

7 years ago

Donald Trump Preposterously Claims Syrian Refugees Could Launch Military Coup

Inventing numbers and facts, Trump comes to the conclusion that Syrian refugees are a Trojan Horse who will launch a…

7 years ago

Mike Huckabee is an Awful Human Being and Needs to Go

Mike Huckabee has amply demonstrated has lack of presidential bona fides over the span of two debates and appalling comments…

8 years ago