Ten Commandments

Trumpcare Violates “You Shall Not Murder” Commandment

This command explicitly states that we are not to endanger or harm the lives of other people in any way…

6 years ago

Christians Embrace Lying For Trump Leaving All Wondering What Happened To Honesty

This particular kind of lying and dishonesty centered around the defense of a particular political figure not only erodes the…

6 years ago

Ignorant Republican Rejects His Commandments, Says ‘If You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat’

GOP lawmaker's claim that Bible wants people to starve if they don't work is not only bad theology but shows…

6 years ago

The Christian Jihadists Are at the Gates and They Want Your Rights

Christian jihadist terror is grasping at the heart of America, culminating in cries by presidential candidates usurp the Constitution

7 years ago

Charlie Hebdo Has Republicans Getting Their Crazy On in 2015

Charlie Hebdo tells Republicans that people who don't look like Fox News hosts should be killed, or at the very…

8 years ago

Glenn Beck Hates Exodus Film For Showing God as Petulant Child, Moses as Terrorist

Beck reveals, like other religious extremists, he hasn't actually read the Bible, criticizes Christian Bale for reading the Torah instead

8 years ago

Baptist Pastor Unwittingly Calls Biblical Marriage a Perversion

Multiple wives are permitted by the Law of Moses, yet according to Pastor James, anything beyond 1 man + 1…

8 years ago

Michele Bachmann Gets Both Bible and Constitution Wrong in Her Final Speech

Bachmann said the Speaker of the House is under the authority of Moses, something that comes up neither in the…

8 years ago

The Truth is, Religious Bigots, if Islam is Not a Religion, Neither is Christianity

David Barton presents a geo-political Christianity Rev. Jody Hice says Muslims can't have, meaning Barton's Christianity is not a religion

9 years ago

In Defiance of Christ’s Teachings Right Wing Evangelicals Become Gun Toting Maniacs

There has been a shift among evangelical Christians of late to openly oppose everything Jesus taught and trade in Christ…

10 years ago

School District Indoctrinates Ohio Children With Course Teaching Fictional Right Wing History

David Barton is reaching out to corrupt the minds of Ohio children by teaching his fantastical tales of an America…

10 years ago

Joseph Farah Says America Needs Ten Commandments – Wants Money

Joseph Farah is putting up 10 Commandment billboards in "Sin City" - Las Vegas - and he wants your dollars…

10 years ago

Biblically Clueless Joseph Farah Attacks the Left’s Biblical Literacy

Joseph Farah just can't wrap his mind around a Christianity that includes its Christ, and attacks Jim Wallis for getting…

11 years ago

We the People Trumps I am the Lord Thy God

A visit to the National Mall leaves you with the impression that it was "We the People" and not "the…

11 years ago

Taking a Ride on Bryan Fischer’s Secular Sharia Crazy Bus

After putting words in George Washington's mouth, Bryan FIscher produces bullshit from his and claims "the Ten Commandments of secular…

11 years ago

The Republican Platform Aims at a Time Before the Constitution

Republicans don’t want to take back our country; they want to take our country back, back to a time before…

11 years ago