The Blaze

Their Reactions to Colin Kaepernick Convey Typical Republican Racism

Only Republican racists are comfortable saying out loud that an African American protesting racial injustice "is a terrible thing."

7 years ago

Glenn Beck Claims Only Ted Cruz Has the Gravitas to be President

Glenn Beck thinks the endlessly whiny Ted Cruz has enough "seriousness of manner" to be President when he has no…

7 years ago

Hypocritical Conservatives Who See Revolt In Ferguson Easily Forget Their Own Actions

As cities across the nation either burn or shut down because of protests, conservatives jump in and express their opinion…

8 years ago

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze to Receive the Charles Darwin Prize

This is not a joke. Glenn Beck's The Blaze is being awarded the Charles Darwin Prize by the Tribeca Film…

10 years ago

The Dimensions of Fundamentalist Christian Deceit

Did you ever stop to wonder why Throckmorton and Coulter's Getting Jefferson Right is being favorably reviewed at a liberal…

11 years ago

Once Again, Christians Mistake Removing a Special Privilege with Oppression

Fundamentalists are crying oppression because the U.S. Air Force has decided that as of Oct 1 the Bible is not…

11 years ago

The Republican War on the Girl Scouts

The Republican Party has gone to war with the Girl Scouts, accusing them training girls to be radicalized, anti-religious baby-killing…

11 years ago