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Tim Tebow Dumps Trump’s Convention And Bails On Speaking In Cleveland

Things are so bad for Donald Trump that even Tim Tebow is bailing on his doomed convention in Cleveland.

6 years ago

NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Out – Religious Right Apoplectic

NBA player Jason Collins says he's gay; the religious right says he is immoral and aberrant and so are we…

9 years ago

Are Tim Tebow’s Fans Destroying His NFL Career by Turning Him Into Sarah Palin?

After the Jets waved Tim Tebow, it's time to ask if his rabid fanbase is actually destroying his NFL career…

9 years ago

The Republican Party’s Bad Character-Guy Culture

The NFL hates 'em, the GOP loves 'em: bad character guys. Who needs Nazis and the KKK? We already have…

9 years ago

Tim Tebow Love Jesus So Much he Trademarks Tebowing

Jesus said don't be a hypocrite and pray in public, so what does Tebow do? He prays in pulbic AND…

9 years ago

How The Mainstream Media Has Tebowed America On SOPA

Not only has the mainstream media ignored the SOPA legislation that they support, but new study revealed that Tim Tebow…

10 years ago

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