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Former Friends and Colleagues Absolutely Rip Elise Stefanik in New Time Magazine Expose

Ever since she was a student at Harvard, Elise Stefanik was expected to do big things. She joined the Bush…

2 years ago

The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Self-Obsessed Trump’s Time Magazine Claim

Trump's dangerous presidency has been no laughing matter. But every so often, he says something so ludicrous that it's impossible…

6 years ago

Trump Golfs For Fourth Straight Day After Promising That Mar-A-Lago Trip Was Not A Vacation

If you're keeping score at home, Trump has spent more than a quarter of his presidency on a golf course…

6 years ago

Clinton Has Big Lead In Person Of The Year Poll – But It’ll Probably Be Trump

Given the magazine's criteria, Trump has a good chance of being named 'Person of the Year'.

6 years ago

Fox News And NY Times Cut Deal With Dishonest Conservative Author For Dirt On Hillary

Fox News and The NY Times have entered into agreements with Peter Schweizer to push the theme from his anti-Hillary…

8 years ago

A Bridge Too Far: Crowdfunding For Killer Cop Michael Slager Falls Flat

As of Thursday afternoon, Officer Michael Slager hadn't even reached his first 1000 dollars from crowdfunding sites.

8 years ago

Should We Worry About 3,000 Americans Turning in Their Passports Because of Tax Law?

In the end, it isn't the 1 percent who are leaving the United States, but their money.

9 years ago

Time Re-Validates Humanity By Choosing Pope Francis Over Ted Cruz as Their Person of the Year

Time Magazine named the Pope their Person of the Year, with Ted Cruz as first runner up. Under their criteria…

9 years ago