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It Turns Out Jack Smith Has Eyes And Ears Inside Mar-a-Lago

It Turns Out Jack Smith Has Eyes And Ears Inside Mar-a-Lago

Special Counsel Jack Smith has tons of potential witnesses in Mar-a-Lago employees who saw and heard potentially incriminating evidence against…

3 weeks ago

Trump All But Admits Guilt By Refusing To Answer If He Ordered Boxes Moved

Donald Trump's refusal to answer when he was asked if he ordered his staff at Mar-a-Lago to move boxes of…

3 months ago

Defendant Donald Trump Demands the Same SCIF Privileges He Had When He Was President

Defendant and former president and Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump is now demanding that the judge order the government to…

4 months ago

Adam Schiff Thinks Trump Was Trying To Make Money Off Of Stolen Classified Docs

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) suggested on Thursday that Trump's plan may have been to make money off of the classified…

5 months ago

Adam Schiff Totally Destroys The Republican Defense Of Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff debunked the whataboutism that Republicans are using by bringing up Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden when defending…

6 months ago

Nancy Pelosi Shatters Trump With His Own Words On Classified Docs

Instead of protecting the nation's secrets, Trump stole them and jeopardized the nation.

6 months ago

This Is The Tape That Could Put Trump In Prison

Federal prosecutors have a tape of Trump admitting he didn't declassify documents, and showing military documents to other people.

6 months ago

The Jack Smith Grand Jury Is Back And 2 Questions Could Determine Trump’s Fate

The Jack Smith grand jury investigating Trump's taking of classified documents returns this week as the investigation faces two key…

6 months ago

Adam Schiff Wrecks Trump’s Declassified Documents Excuse

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) took apart Trump's claim that he declassified stolen classified documents.

1 year ago