Trump cognitive decline

Trump Shows Serious Signs Of Cognitive Decline At Pennsylvania Rally

Trump Shows Serious Signs Of Cognitive Decline At Pennsylvania Rally

At one point, Donald Trump spoke something that wasn't words as his mind trailed off during a campaign stop in…

5 days ago

Cognitively Declining Trump Needs Teleprompter For 14th Amendment Remarks

Even chained to his teleprompter, Donald Trump couldn't hold it together while reacting to the Supreme Court's 14th Amendment ruling.

2 months ago

Trump’s Campaign Is Trying To Hide His Cognitive Decline

Morning Joe discussed how the Trump's campaign knows that their candidate is cognitively declining and they are trying to hide…

2 months ago

Trump Claims That His Cognitive Decline Is Intentional

In South Carolina, Trump claimed that he is intentionally confusing Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden with Barack…

2 months ago

Trump Gets The Day And Time Wrong In NRA Speech Disaster

During Trump's Pennsylvania NRA speech, the former president got the time of day wrong, and the day of the week…

2 months ago

Trump Slurs His Words And Get Facts Wrong In Pennsylvania

While sweating profusely at an event with the NRA in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump slurred his words and got basic facts…

2 months ago

Maria Bartiromo And Fox Couldn’t Hide Trump’s Cognitive Decline

Fox News's Trump interview was pre-taped and heavily edited, and even they couldn't hide Trump's cognitive decline.

2 months ago

Elise Stefanik Humiliates Herself Trying To Spin Trump’s Cognitive Decline

Rep. Elise Stefanik's spin of Trump's cognitive decline was so bad that it should provoke questions about her own cognitive…

3 months ago

Trump Has His Most Cognitively Impaired Moment Yet As He Confuses Nancy Pelosi And Nikki Haley

Donald Trump is not well, and he demonstrated it once again in New Hampshire by confusing former Speaker Nancy Pelosi…

3 months ago

The Media Is Finally Starting To Talk About Trump’s Age

On CNN, Jake Tapper and ABC's Jon Karl discussed how Donald Trump is showing his age, and not as vigorous…

5 months ago

Declining Trump Thinks Barack Obama Is Still President

Another troubling cognitive sign for Donald Trump is that the former president thinks that the current president is Barack Obama.

6 months ago