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Trump’s Severe Memory Issues Revealed By Author 10 Days Before Debate

Trump’s Severe Memory Issues Revealed By Author 10 Days Before Debate

Author Ramin Setoodeh said that he spent extensive time interviewing Trump, and the former president has severe memory issues.

2 days ago

CEOs Offer Damning Assessment Of Trump’s Mental Decline

CEOs who were described as Trumpish came away from a meeting with the ex-president concerned that he was meandering and…

5 days ago

Trump Press Conference Turns Disastrous After Teamsters Meeting

Trump met with the Teamsters to apparently try to get their endorsement, but the press conference turned into a disaster…

5 months ago

Elise Stefanik Humiliates Herself Trying To Spin Trump’s Cognitive Decline

Rep. Elise Stefanik's spin of Trump's cognitive decline was so bad that it should provoke questions about her own cognitive…

5 months ago

Biden Turns The Tables And Annihilates Mentally Declining Trump With New Ad

A new Biden ad flips the script and uses Nikki Haley's comments about Trump's cognitive abilities to argue that the…

5 months ago

Nikki Haley Says Trump Is In Mental Decline

On CBS's Face The Nation, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said that we are seeing signs of Trump's mental decline.

5 months ago

These Are The Moments That Made Trump’s Mental Decline Clear During His 60 Minutes Interview

There were several moments during the 60 Minutes interview that showed Trump's declining mental sharpness in the face of serious…

6 years ago

Trump’s Mental State Worsens As He Snaps Into Dark Moods And Turns On Those Near Him

A new portrait of Trump's mental state reveals a president whose mood is growing increasingly dark as he obsesses over…

7 years ago

Trump Decline Accelerates During Incoherent Appearance At “Made In America” Week

President Trump rambled and invented his own false economic statistics as he meandered on about several unrelated topics and appeared…

7 years ago