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Jack Smith Now Has A Ton Of Detailed Data From Trump’s Twitter Account

Jack Smith Now Has A Ton Of Detailed Data From Trump’s Twitter Account

Special Counsel Jack Smith won a bruising battle with Twitter that resulted in his investigation obtaining detailed data from Trump's…

6 months ago

Elon Musk Tried To Tip Off Trump To A Jack Smith Twitter Search Warrant

Newly unsealed court documents reveal that Elon Musk wanted to disclose Jack Smith's search warrant for Trump's Twitter account, and…

7 months ago

Elon Musk Says He Will Reverse Trump’s Ban, But He Might Not Buy Twitter

Elon Musk stated the obvious that he will reverse Trump's Twitter ban, but he also said that he might not…

2 years ago

Twitter Takes Away Trump’s Ability To Tweet After Outburst

After Trump tweeted the email address of a columnist, Twitter took action and locked the President out of his account.

3 years ago

Kamala Harris Asks Twitter To Suspend Trump’s Account

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has formally requested that Twitter suspend Donald Trump's account over his call for…

4 years ago

Trump’s Twitter Account Plunges As Americans Ignore His Tweets

Trump has gone on a tweeting frenzy since the Mueller report, but data shows that interactions with his Twitter account…

5 years ago

The Press Just Confronted Sarah Sanders About Trump Using Twitter To Obstruct Justice

Sarah Sanders got confronted by reporters at the White House briefing for Trump using his Twitter account to obstruct justice.…

6 years ago

It Turns Out That Even Trump’s Tweets Are Fake As White House Twitter Scam Exposed

The White House has been caught writing many of Trump's tweets for him, as his staff intentionally puts typos and…

6 years ago

Trump’s Lawyers Lose Their Minds As White House Gives Up On Stopping His Insane Tweets

The White House has given up on trying to get Trump to stop tweeting insane things, and as a consequence,…

7 years ago

Trump Being Treated Like A Child As White House Manages His Schedule To Keep Him Off Twitter

The White House has scheduled Trump's first foreign trip so that he would have no time to get on Twitter.…

7 years ago

The Next President Can’t Spell And 2 More Trump Traits That Are A National Embarrassment

Not only can president-elect Donald Trump not spell, but he makes up his own facts while being obsessed with his…

7 years ago

With Hours To Go Before Presidential Debate, Trump Shows Signs Of Paranoid Breakdown

Instead of preparing for the second presidential debate on Sunday night, Donald Trump took to Twitter and went on a…

7 years ago

Republican Despair Grows As Instead Of Campaigning Trump Is Hate Tweeting CNN

Donald Trump is supposedly running for president, but instead of campaigning after a horrible week of shootings, Trump is sitting…

8 years ago

Instead Of Fixing His Reeling Presidential Campaign, Trump Is Angry Tweeting CNN

Donald Trump isn't repairing the damage that has been done to his presidential campaign over the last 24 hours. Instead…

8 years ago