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Birthers Busted Peddling Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate; real owner steps up

Last updated on February 9th, 2013 at 06:10 am

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Will the real owner of this fake Kenyan birth certificate please stand up?

Isn’t it a shame that 99% of the birthers make the movement look bad, ‘cuz their leader, Orly Taitz, is saving this country! Nice thing for a Russian immigrant to do, too. And where’s the thanks? Just FYI, Russia is where the Dominionist think the Anti-Christ is hiding. Also, too. Remember “we’re all Georgians now”? When McCain/Palin tried to start a war with Russia during the campaign? This kind of puts that little skirmish with World War III into perspective.

Well, anyway, Taitz produced the REAL birth certificate a few days ago. A Kenyan thing. Looked good, Dobbs was sure breathin’ a sigh of relief.

Ah, darn. Widely debunked, dated before Kenya was a republic. Oopsie. Birthers stood by Taitz, who is now being sued by California Bar Association for oodles of behavior not becoming a lawyer. Jiminy. Seems she tried to give two suitcases of “evidence” to Supreme Court Justice’s security detail. Not very lawyerly-like!!! Kinda creepy. Two suitcases? How many of those Kenyan birth certificates did the Russian correspondent school dentist/lawyer/real estate agent copy?

But most embarrassing is that a few hours ago, an Australian man (David Jeffrey Bomford) has just announced that the birth certificate they say is Obama’s actually belongs to him. Yowza!!!!! Holy birthers!

So, the Great Last Hope of the birthers, and one I might add, they touted with great pride on national TV just yesterday, was totally debunked in the Australian press. Ouch!


By the way, what in the heck were they doing copying an Australian birth certificate and passing it off as Kenyan? Maybe Palin told them Australia was a continent in Africa? Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Orly and Sarah in the same room together, have we? Hmm….

Orly and Dobbs are surely figuring out their next plan of attack in the great effort to deny being crazy or racist beyond all reason. Can we suggest they check the sky for alien sightings? I’ve heard tell you can find the occasional birth certificate up there!

But take heed, my fellow real patriots. The birthers will surely take their rage over this fraud, albeit perpetrated on them by themselves, out on American citizens at Town Halls around the country.

Be prepared, and if they disrupt the meeting, or hang in effigy your representative or claim to be with the Teabaggers, yell out a “Gu daiyy mate!” for me.

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