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Sarah Palin Denies to Real America That She is a Millionaire

Does she really expect anyone to believe her?

While recently discussing her supposed spat with film maker Oliver Stone at the Time 100 gala, Sarah Palin dished a bit of not so straight talk about the fact that she resigned as Alaska governor to get paid. Palin claims that she is in fact, not making millions of dollars, “It’s also bogus how much money I supposedly make.” A quick tally of the book deal, reality show, and Fox News contract reveal that she makes millions of dollars.

There is a bit of he/she said going on around whether or not Palin shook Stone’s hand at the gala event. Stone claims she did, but told the New York Daily News that she didn’t shake Stone’s hand when they met backstage at SNL or at the Time gala, “I didn’t shake his hand then or tonight,” and since lies are like Lays potato chips to Sarah, she can’t stop at just one, she added a real doozy.

Palin was asked about Stone’s suggestion that everyday Americans can’t really relate to the Lear jet flying, bendy straw requiring, $100,000 speaking fee Palin, and that caused her to respond with, “These stories were kind of annoying about what I asked for – bendable straws and goofy things like that. It’s also bogus how much money I supposedly make.”

She then pulled out an old talking point, “This is a consignment shop piece. (The dress she was wearing). You can ask [my husband] Todd. He’ll say, ‘Really, where is all that money?’ We live in Wasilla, Alaska. You can’t get more grounded than that.” Correct me if I am wrong, but Sarah hasn’t been spending much time in Wasilla since she left office. In fact, the truth is she got out of Alaska as soon as she could in order to cash in on her 15 minutes.

Here is a picture of Palin at the Time 100 gala:

It might just be me, but I don’t think they sell exactly what Palin had on at any consignment store on the planet much less in Wasilla, Alaska. Palin skirt might have been consignment but I see a lot of designer wear elsewhere. The bigger problem is the lie Palin is pushing about her finances. As ABC News pointed out Palin has made 100 times more money than her salary as Alaska governor. This includes the million dollar Fox News contract and the two million dollar Discovery Channel reality show contract. Plus, the $100,000 speaking fee she picks up for every appearance.

These are contracts. They are out there. For Palin to deny them is beyond retarded. Speaking of contracts, her bendy straw and Lear jet demands were also in a found contract. Some of you may be thinking that Sarah Palin is simply a compulsive liar, but there is much more to it than that. Palin needs to maintain her image as an ordinary, “Joe Six Pack” first to keep up the Palin brand. Her loyal followers love her because she is a “real American.” What if they found out their real American hero lives a life that is completely out of touch with their own? Palin doesn’t really live in Alaska anymore. She has several homes. She also has a nanny to take care of the kids. In this context, she is not a figure that average Americans can relate to. Thus, the Wasilla Myth must be continued.

The second reason is political. For everyone who thinks that Palin is not going to run in 2012, think again. If anything, since Fox News anointed her the leader of the Tea Party, she has national platform with which to position herself for 2012. She knows that the wealth of her new life will turn off voters if it is exposed, so she has to pretend like she is not making money, when everyone in the world knows that she is millionaire. She isn’t fooling anyone except her most blind followers, and even those folks are increasingly viewing her as a sell out.

At its root this story traces back to the real reason why Sarah Palin left Alaska. Palin quit elected duty to the people of Alaska to go make money. This is the political charge that will not go away, and whether she wants to believe it or not, her political career ended the day that she decided that personal wealth was more important than public service. She can keep lying, but her path to the White House ceased to exist when she put herself and not country, first.

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