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Don’t be Fooled Obama is Still Fighting for Change

Last updated on June 1st, 2010 at 08:32 pm

Obama fights on for change

President Obama is doing the best he can to govern this nation. He’s pragmatic and works for the good of the whole. Unfortunately he can’t please everyone all the time. Because this is an intense transformational time period, reform and reconstruction is the name of the game. Obama campaigned on the word “change”. Many say everything is still the same or in other words a continuation of the Bush policies. That’s not true.

Obama consistently addresses multiple issues and groups at once. But it’s going to take time to resolve all the issues especially when so many are urgent at the same time. He’s already tackled concerns like fair pay for women, education, healthcare reform, nuclear arms reduction, Supreme Court nominations, change in NASA, the recovery act that saved the economy, saving the auto industry and thousands of associated jobs, and lots more.

This is when a broader perspective is needed to actually understand what is truly taking place. True change represents the transformation of big government, big banking, big corporations and big organizations. If you step back and look at it from a wide angle, change is exactly what is taking place with this new administration. Obama, as a visionary, is in charge of this rocky road to a new America that leads the world and stands solidly with allies in strength.

We now have two women in the Supreme Court for the first time in our nation’s history with the potential of having three. One is of Latino descent for a first as well.
Obama himself is a first by being the first African American president and leader of the free world. Because of a near banking collapse under the Bush administration, we are now in the process of financial reform legislation that will include much needed regulation.

Because of the horrible Gulf oil spill and explosion and the coal mine disaster, more reform is going to take place to protect us from further disasters of a manmade nature. We have yet to see the true and final ramifications of this oil spill disaster. Where is the GOP’s outcry of saving the taxpayers from this expense? They are silent other than continuing the concept of the need to “drill baby drill”!

Climate/Energy change and immigration reform are on the horizon. Senator John Kerry and Senator Joe Lieberman introduced new reform legislation on Climate Change. Republican Lindsay Graham, who was also part of creating this legislation, was not present on the announcement. Maybe he was still upset at the potential of immigration reform becoming a priority due to the new Arizona immigration law that is currently being loudly boycotted by the city of Los Angeles.

Ultimately and hopefully “too big to fail” will be become a thing of the past. We can no longer operate with a very small percentage of the world population holding all the wealth while the majority simply suffers and struggles for a basic foundational life. The American Dream has been sought out by many from all over the world. We are being robbed of that very dream right here in America by those that have taken greed to a whole new level.

Beware of those politicians and commentators who claim to speak for “real” Americans. They are Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh and many of the GOP in congress. They are cashing in on the despair, the struggle, the mis-informed, the anger, and the racist hatred of this nation in the tune of millions with their lies and rhetoric intended to incite and polarize the country.

Sarah Palin is now writing a new book to be released in November. There was no substance in the first one but still millions bought the book and I guess millions will buy the second one. She is laughing all the way to the bank while presenting absolutely no substance or service other than consistent misleading information to the American people like the implication of “death panels” that almost single-handedly ruined healthcare reform for millions of Americans.

The GOP is now in the “I told you so” realm because now the healthcare reform law may cost more than originally estimated. That’s not a surprise. After all it was an estimate. In my opinion it’s better to have the healthcare for millions of Americans, (that are not on welfare contrary to popular belief) than spending that revenue on big banks to gamble with or tax cuts for the rich.

If we don’t have our health, we have nothing. Even jobs don’t have relevance if you are unable to work or if your children become dramatically ill. If big business simply reduces their bonuses to execs, it would provide jobs for many who are struggling. If big banks release funds for loans to small business and entrepreneurs, things could change.

Obama has called for new and different defense approaches to keeping our nation secure, including recognizing the poison existing in Pakistan while having to work with the Pakistan government in connection with Afghanistan. The President has to appear in partnership with the Afghan leader in the bigger picture. I don’t think he is naive at this point. He certainly has access to a lot more formal and secret intelligence than the average citizen or media personality.

For example, CNN journalist, Wolf Blitzer, interviewed Bill Maher to discuss the President’s domestic and foreign policy decisions. Am I missing something or is Bill Maher an expert on Presidential policy? But I do give CNN credit for going beyond their usual GOP contributors and their standard talking points.

We also need new and different approaches to job growth. If the Bush/Cheney tax cuts were so great for job growth and small businesses, where are the benefits? Where are the jobs? Where is the trickle down effect? We need to work together. Our spirits need to drive again toward the American Dream. And let’s realistically look at those who are your voices and look at who is getting wealthy in the process without any concern for the nation.

Look at the big oil people; look at the banking executives; look at the coal mine executives; look at wall street; look at Beck; look at Palin and look at Rush. Examine what they are cashing in on in the name of the people while they watch you suffer and struggle while inciting your rage in the process. What are they really doing for you and for this nation? Then look at what they are doing for themselves. Then look at the ideals that Obama represents and fights to “change” on behalf of you and this nation.

Fran Joy

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