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Rachel Maddow Explains Sarah Palin’s 2010 Gift to Democrats

Last updated on August 10th, 2014 at 05:01 pm

Rachel tells us why Sarah is the best friend a Democrat could ever have

On her MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow explained how Sarah Palin gave a giant gift to the Democratic Party over the weekend by Arizona’s immigration law, “Sarah Palin’s ecstatic endorsement of Arizona’s papers please law and the governor who signed it is a very exciting moment for Democrats.” Maddow explained that the GOP has been tripping itself up with immigration politics for 150 years.

Here is the video courtesy of MSNBC:

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Maddow said, “This weekend Republican giant celebrity Sarah Palin traveled to Arizona to some her patented free lance Republican politicking and she delivered a huge election year gift in Arizona to Democrats. Palin lent her formidable attention getting skills to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer at an event that was part campaign rally, part press conference, and all theatrics.

Maddow later said, “Sarah Palin’s ecstatic endorsement of Arizona’s papers please law and the governor who signed it is a very exciting moment for Democrats. Aligning itself with anti-immigrant politics is the pothole that Republicans keep breaking their axle on over and over again.” She used the recent examples of elections in 2006 and 2008 to show what happens to Republicans when they get caught up in anti-immigrant politics.

She explained the history of the issue, “David Leonhardt of The New York Times has done some good reporting on the historical failure of anti-immigrant politics on the national level. Republicans have been breaking their axle on this political pothole for a very long time, In the 1850’s “anti-immigrant forces seemed as if they might dominate the new Republican Party. In the end, though, the minority of Republicans who staunchly opposed the Know Nothings — including Abraham Lincoln and William Seward — won the day.””

She continued, “60 years later a second wave of anti-immigrant politics roared to life only to peter out with the election of Franklin Roosevelt. Running on an anti-immigrant platform in 2006 did not prevent the Republicans from losing control of the House and the Senate. It did not get Tom Tancredo nor Mitt Romney the Republican nomination in 2008, but gosh darn it, just because it keeps failing over and over and over again for 150 years doesn’t mean that some people won’t keep insisting that it is a clear path to the win column.”

Maddow is 100% on the money. Democrats are absolutely giddy that Palin is trying to elevate an issue that turns the Republican Party completely on its ear to national significance. It is an added bonus that the highly unpopular Sarah Palin is the one championing this cause. Palin is the second most despised politician in America, trailing on Dick Cheney for the top spot. Instead of talking about the economy and jobs, as they should be doing, Republican candidates are being forced to talk about immigration.

Sarah Palin is the gift that never stops giving for the Democratic Party. She has a natural knack for seizing on the one issue that can destroy her own party. She is truly the Democratic Party’s best weapon. Democrats are sitting on the sidelines rooting for Palin to rip the GOP apart. Since trends are already shifting towards the Democrats for November, Sarah Palin could be just what the party needs to push itself over the top in November. Keep up the good work, Sarah. The Democratic Party needs you.

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