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Komen Can Lie, But Americans Know Why They Defunded Planned Parenthood

This past week there was populist outrage at Komen for the Cure Foundation for withdrawing funding for breast exam cancer screening from Planned Parenthood and a brief, but sustained populist furor pressured the organization to reverse their decision. There were accusations that right-wing political forces intent on destroying Planned Parenthood were responsible for Komen’s decision, and that is true, but there is a darker, insidious plot behind Komen’s ill-advised move that very few Americans are aware of, and that ignorance coupled with Christian silence is why this type of incident will be repeated over and over again. The real tragedy is that there is a major segment of the population that could suppress Dominionist’s drive to transform America into a theocracy, but they are woefully impotent.

The Komen decision to withdraw funding for Planned Parenthood is what the result of years of theocratic indoctrination produces, and it is why this is not a one-time occurrence. The depth of Dominionist’s influence is so far reaching, that the media has failed to report the true source of the assault on women’s rights, legal abortion, and contraception even though they are aware it is the Vatican and Christian fundamentalists driving America toward theocratic rule. The Republican Party has tapped into evangelical rage at not being allowed to impose their beliefs  on the rest of the country, and they singled out President Obama as their target to garner support for their assault on democracy.

Newt Gingrich, a Catholic, promised his supporters that as president, he will fight back against President Obama’s alleged war on religion, and he echoed U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) assertion that the administration’s stance on contraception is tantamount to depriving Catholics religious freedom. Let’s be perfectly clear; Christian opposition to the president is because they are not allowed to legislate their religious edicts on the rest of the country. No-one has ever told Catholics or any other Christian they cannot practice their faith, but they are prohibited from forcing the rest of the country to adhere to their belief system. The Dominionists’ solution is infiltrating Congress and state legislatures to introduce measures assigning personhood to single-celled organisms, ban contraception, and force women to undergo invasive medical procedures as a form of psychological blackmail.

Komen’s ever-changing reason for withdrawing breast exam funding informed that their real goal was helping eliminate Planned Parenthood at the behest of Catholics and evangelical fundamentalists. Their claim that they cannot give funding to organizations under investigation by Congress was fallacious as was their complaint that Planned Parenthood referred patients for mammograms like most doctors and healthcare providers. If any American thinks Dominionists have not infiltrated myriad other organizations to influence government and pursue theocratic rule, they are as deluded as so-called real Christians who claim they follow Jesus Christ’s altruistic teachings.

It is suspicious that millions of “real Christians” are silent about the fanatic faithful who are driving this country toward theocracy. Apparently they still don’t understand that their silence is tacit approval and it begs the question; do they really oppose Dominionists and the despicable political pressure that drove Komen’s decision? If they are secretly supporting theocratic rule, they should understand that this week fundamentalists used  Komen to go after Planned Parenthood, but when they control the government, they will attack any Christian sect they feel is not pure and that includes Mormons, Universalists, and any group that doesn’t follow their particular interpretation of the bible.

It is time for millions of Christians to raise their voices in opposition to fundamentalists who are hell-bent on taking this country back to the Dark Ages. Where was the outrage at a North Carolina Republican who called for reinstating public hangings for abortionists as a deterrent to crime even though abortion is a legal medical procedure? Why are 98% of Catholic women who have used contraception silent on Republican attempts to ban birth control? One would think hordes of Inquisitors were waiting to torture recalcitrant Christians if they speak out against Dominionists, and it leads sane people to believe there is something terrifying Christians; or they are part of the movement.

Most Americans know exactly why Komen for the Cure Foundation withheld funding for breast exams, but they either agree with attempts to install theocratic rule or are frightened of fundamentalists; or both. This time evangelical fanatics pressured an apolitical organization to help destroy Planned Parenthood, but as Dominionists infiltrate more organizations, Republican-controlled state legislatures and Congress, it is just a matter of time until they make an overt attack on secular government and non-compliant Americans. It does little good for secularists to stand alone against fundamentalists and USCCB, because they claim it is a war on religion by non-believers. However, if tens-of-millions of Christians rose up and demanded the Vatican, evangelical fundamentalists, and Dominionists keep out of government as the Constitution demands, it would be difficult to transform our representative democracy into a theocracy.

Unfortunately, Christians are virtually silent on the Dominionist threat and until they speak out against theocracy, they are complicit. They should beware though, because once Dominionists infiltrate enough of the government, they may be targeted for not overtly supporting fundamentalists, and instead of losing inexpensive cancer screening, they will lose their religious freedom and possibly their lives.


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