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Attention Obama Haters: What If The Bible Is True?

Over the holiday season we will be examining some holiday gift ideas for the progressive or conservative on your list. First up, Annette Boyd Lee’s Attention Obama Haters: What If The Bible Is True?

With the politicization of the Christian right, religion gets a lot of attention in political discussions. But author Annette Boyd Lee has written a slim little volume (less than 100 pages) that speaks from the perspective of the often ignored group of progressive Christians who support President Obama. Lee asks conservative Christians two questions. What if the Bible is true, and if so, will your hate of President Obama be worth the price you have to pay?

Lee wonders how any self described Christian could do to President Obama or any other person, what the Republicans have done? Lee warns conservative Christians that there may be an ultimate price to pay in the eyes of God for their hatred of the first African American president. She states that the purpose of this book was to help anyone who has been persuaded by ungodly council (Fox News possibly?) down the path of lies and hatred.

The author discusses how Republicans didn’t direct their hatred at President Bush when he said that Muslims aren’t the enemy after 9/11. However, many of these same Republicans are now convinced that the Christian Obama is both a Muslim and the enemy. Ms. Lee is definitely a Christian. Scripture quotes are sprinkled throughout the book, but her focus is on trying to address the contradiction inherent in the right’s defiance of their own stated Christian values when it comes to hating President Obama.

Her book is not a scholarly work, but an effort by one person to reach out to other people within her faith. Despite the fact that they have a long and proud tradition of advocacy for social justice and change, progressive Christians are mostly ignored in our day to day political conversation. This has resulted in the religious right being a given an assumptive presence in our culture that is both exaggerated and overstated.

Lee’s book is a reminder that not all Christians are like the raving Fox News rabid lunatics who get all the media attention. There are millions of thoughtful Christians in this country who use the Bible’s teachings as their personal inspiration to live a life of based on love and compassion. They also vote for Democrats, and are some of the strongest believers in Barack Obama’s message of hope and change.

Annette Boyd Lee’s book challenges the Obama haters on faith based grounds, and asks them some questions that they would rather not answer.

For this reason alone, this slight volume deserves praise and might make the perfect holiday gift for a group of people who feel invisible and ignored by a political media establishment that has been captivated by the antics of the right.

This is the perfect gift for: Progressive Christians, Obama supporting Christians, and Fox News watching Christian Republicans who you think could use a wake up call.

Where you can get it: Amazon or the author’s website

This gift would make a great: Stocking stuffer, or secret Santa gift if you have a spending limit $20 or less.

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