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Mitt Romney Blames The IRS and Hurricane Sandy For His Loss to Obama

Mitt Romney is still clinging to his skewed polls and claiming that if Hurricane Sandy wouldn’t have hit when it did, and he would have known about the IRS scandal, he would have won the election.


Romney blamed Hurricane Sandy right along with the fact that his 47% comments were off the record for his defeat, “That was not a statement, if you will. It was taken off the record. Nonetheless, it did not reflect my views. I said it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. But surely, that didn’t help me, and there were other things that didn’t help my campaign either. Obviously, a hurricane with a week to go before the election stalled our campaign.”

CNN’s Gloria Borger asked Romney if he blamed Chris Christie. The former presidential nominee answered by blaming the timing of Hurricane Sandy, “I wish the hurricane hadn’t have happened when it did because it gave the president a chance to be presidential and to be out showing sympathy for folks. That’s one of the advantages of incumbency. But, you know, you don’t look back and worry about each little thing and how could that have been different.”

Notice that Romney doesn’t say that he wishes that hurricane would have never hit, and people wouldn’t have lost their lives, loved ones, and property. Still as selfish as ever, Mitt Romney is most upset that Sandy struck during the homestretch of the presidential campaign. It never seems to occur to Romney that his inability to show compassion and sympathy for others is what really hurt him with voters.

Later, Romney was asked about the IRS scandal and he claimed that it could have changed the outcome of the election, “You know, the election was close enough in the outcome with what four percent difference between the two campaigns that a number of things could have changed the outcome. Again, you don’t look back and say, oh, couldn’t we have just changed this? The president won. I congratulate his campaign team on having won. That’s the nature of politics is winning. They won. Nice work. And let’s get on with it.”

Mitt Romney is delusional if he thinks that anything could have swung the election to him. Voters didn’t like or trust him. Mitt Romney lost all of the swing states that he targeted for a reason. Despite what Romney and his fellow Republicans keep telling themselves, the 2012 election wasn’t really close. Mitt’s comments illustrate that he is still believes that he was ahead, even if the polls that had him leading have been proven inaccurate and wrong.

Romney is blaming everyone and everything, but himself for his defeat. He is also demonstrating why he would have been a terrible president. Mitt refuses to take responsibility for himself, or accept reality. Most of all, Romney would have been awful because he shows no understanding of or compassion for other people. For 99% of America, Mitt Romney’s presidency would have been a disaster.

Sandy and the IRS didn’t cost Romney the election. Mitt and Ann did.

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