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In an Ugly Racist Fox News Rant Sarah Palin Calls President Obama Lackadaisical

Sarah Palin welcomed herself back to Fox News today with an ugly racist rant that culminated with her breaking out Jim Crow stereotypes and calling President Obama lackadaisical.

Video from Fox News:

Palin used a question about the pursuit of Edward Snowden to launch a racist attack against President Obama:

Well, you know the whole issue with Snowden and with the government’s violation of our 4th Amendment rights of our privacy and against searches and seizures of our property and communications. The problem there is that government has lied to us, and they do spy on our communications, and it took Snowden to disclose that, but if he’s violated the law then he needs to get back here and answer to the rule of law, because we are still a nation that respects the rule of law. Right? Even though amnesty bill just sort of thwarted all that.

But with Obama deciding to just oh I guess lead from behind on this issue too, that’s the community organizer in our president. That’s a bit of that lackadaisical eh you know, don’t have to take responsibility. His resume proves he hasn’t had to responsibility for much in all these years. This just another issue, another example that falls in line with a community organizer.

And by community organizer, Sarah Palin means black man.

The stereotype of the lackadaisical African-American goes back to slavery and Jim Crow. According to the 1937 book Class and Caste in a Southern Town, “It is a common error in judging lower class Negroes to compare them unfavorably with foreign immigrants, stressing the lackadaisical Negro work habits, and referring to the energy and zeal for advancement of a foreign peasantry.”

Author Mariann S. Regan explained that lackadaisical is part of the South’s history racist terminology used to describe African-Americans, “In the light of my family memoir Into the Briar Patch, I can see how this stereotype was born during slavery and Jim Crow. Growing up, I learned that the South’s rich vocabulary for laziness was often applied to African-Americans: shiftless, no-account, trifling, good-for-nothing, lackadaisical, half-hearted, slow as molasses. In the South, slaves labored in the fields from sunup to sundown. Yet somehow the blacks were the ones who got called lazy.”

Sarah Palin was pulling out an old racist stereotype to describe the President of the United States. There can be no mistaking what Palin meant. She was calling Barack Obama a lazy black man. Palin was suggesting that Obama is too lazy to go after Edward Snowden.

She made these remarks just after racially attacking the immigration reform bill, but before she threatened to leave the Republican Party. It is obvious that Sarah Palin said exactly what she meant. The white trash from Wasilla thinks that she is better than Barack Obama because of the color of her skin.

Republicans keep trying to claim that their opposition to Obama isn’t based on race, while they continue to say racist things about this president. Bill Maher was outraged that Paula Deen is getting punished while Sarah Palin’s racism rages on, but there is a reason why Deen has been punished and Palin hasn’t.

The reason why Palin gets away with these racist attacks is because much of the country treats her like she is joke, but a side effect of laughing her off is the indirect condoning of her racist language.

If those who ignore Sarah Palin would actually stop and listen to what she is saying, maybe they would wake up and realize that it is time to do something.

The “joke” of Sarah Palin isn’t funny anymore. It is long past time that Sarah Palin be given the same treatment as Paula Deen.

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