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Mitch Ditched: 10 Polls Show McConnell Tied or Trailing Democrat Alison Grimes

Mitch McConnell is in serious danger of losing his Senate seat. The Republican leaning Rasmussen poll became the tenth poll to show Mitch McConnell either tied with, or trailing Democrat Alison Grimes.

A Rasmussen poll released today found that Grimes and McConnell are tied at 42%-42%. A PPP poll a few days earlier revealed a statistical tie, with Mitch McConnell holding a one point 43%-42% lead that was within the poll’s margin of error. The Rasmussen poll is the tenth poll that shows McConnell either trailing or tied with Democrat Alison Grimes.

The Grimes campaign released a statement which stressed that even though Sen. McConnell spent $300,000 on advertising in the state last week, the race is still tied, “The poll was conducted a full week after McConnell spent nearly $300,000 on air in that week alone; Alison For Kentucky has yet to spend a single dollar on air. This marks the tenth recent poll showing Alison tied or ahead of McConnell – another clear sign that his millions in wasteful spending are not moving his abysmal approval rating with Kentucky voters. It also comes on the heels of news that the Tea Party is starting a new Super PAC to attack Mitch McConnell’s failed record.”

The fact that the most powerful Republican in the United States Senate is spending a lot of money months before the campaign really kicks into gear is a sign that the McConnell camp knows that they are in trouble. However, Mitch McConnell has yet to propose anything that resembles a jobs plan, and his first ad was recycled and repackaged from his 2008 campaign.

Ten polls aren’t all wrong. Mitch McConnell is in deep deep trouble. McConnell needs to forget about his dream of Republicans retaking the Senate, and making him Majority Leader again. He will be lucky to hold on to his seat. 2014 may boil down to the Kentucky Senate race. If Alison Grimes defeats Mitch McConnell, Democrats will probably keep the Senate. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and it looks like Kentucky voters are pushing Mitch McConnell closer to a forced retirement.

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