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Bryan Fischer Literally Demonizes Michael Brown, Saying He was Demonically Possessed

Bryan Fischer reacted to the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of Michael Brown, by saying that “the chances were very good…there was a demonic presence…inside Michael Brown’s body.”

Officer Wilson said, ‘Look, this guy was so big, he was massive, he was inside the patrol car,’ and here’s the analogy he used. He said, ‘The only way I can describe it is I felt like a five-year-old holding on to Hulk Hogan.’ And another time he says, ‘The only way I can describe it, it looks like a demon. That is how angry he looked. He comes back toward me again with his hands up’…He says, ‘When I looked at his face I didn’t see his face. I thought I was looking into the eyes of a demon.'”

Darren Wilson said “the only way I can describe it” in both cases, which is obviously untrue since he described Michael Brown as both Hulk Hogan and a demon. So there is that problem. Most of us at this point might laugh and say, Officer Wilson, which were you fighting? Hulk Hogan or a demon? One contradicts the other, after all.

Not Fischer. He looked at the camera and said, “I think the chances are very good that he was. I think that at this point there was a demonic presence that was operating inside Michael Brown’s body, activating him, energizing him, driving him forward in this homicidal rage. So when he says he looked like a demon, I think that’s because he was looking into the eyes of a demon that was driving Michael Brown to do what he did.”

No, we haven’t come as far from 17th century Salem as we’d like to think.

Watch the video courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

So yes, here we have Bryan Fischer, director of issues analysis at the American Family Association, making his analysis that Michael Brown was possessed by a demon at the time Darren Wilson gunned him down in the street.

Bryan Fischer is literally demonizing Michael Brown.

Honestly, you are not going to find better than this coming from the AFA in the wake of the grand jury decision. AFA news editor Fred Jackson said on the Sandy Rios in the Morning Show, that Michael Brown’s “sense of entitlement” is to blame for his death, because, you know, that’s a crime and it carries a capital penalty (if so, a lot of corporations need to be gunned down, starting with the fossil fuel industry):

We have to get back to the reality, there are moral truths and when people break those moral truths and decide to violate them, there are consequences. On that day, August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri, when Michael Brown went into that convenient store and stole that box of cigars, he was making a moral decision. Now no one knows what was in Michael Brown’s head that day but one could speculate that he believed he was above being told he should not steal, he was above getting any consequences for his actions. He went on to assault police officer Darren Wilson. He believed, Michael Brown, apparently, that he was allowed to do that. It is that mentality of entitlement, that mentality that says ‘you have your truth, I have mine,’ that I believe is at the core of this.

He went on to say, basically, that this is how God wanted it, because “God says there will be consequences”:

What we’ve been talking about this morning: the existence of absolute truth, and that is what’s under attack today. Absolute truth is defined by scripture, the Bible, God’s word, that’s how it’s defined and when you violate that, there are consequences. Now you may get away with it for a while, for a period, but God says there will be consequences. Both our callers, I think, addressing the crux of the problem here this morning is the family, is the breakdown of the family. When you do not have a dad figure around there is not someone there in authority to demonstrate there are consequences to violating the rules. If you don’t have that presence in the family, you’re going to have problems.

Now I’m not a fake Christian, but I don’t have to be one to know that if you kill somebody, you keep that family from being together. In other words, gunning down our citizens isn’t a way to promote family values or even families. Then again, I’m not an ignorant, racist cracker.

Talking to conservatives about the death of Michael Brown and the failure to indict Darren Wilson, is an exercise in futility. This is a point that was driven home while I was talking to a conservative acquaintance yesterday. He told me, “if only that kid hadn’t stolen those cigars.” I tried to explain to him that the store owners never said they were robbed. They didn’t call 911 to report a robbery. They didn’t even identify the suspect as Michael Brown.

That’s all assumed.

Of course I’m thinking, “If only Darren Wilson hadn’t gunned him down.” I tried to point out that even assuming somebody you stop is guilty of a crime, you, as a police officer, are not judge and jury. You don’t get to gun them down. That isn’t how the justice system works.

Though, of course, as we have seen, the justice system doesn’t work when you are a young black man. I, as a white man, could have crossed that same street, likely with nothing more than a simple admonition to get to the sidewalk. I would still be alive today.

As a commenter on YouTube said a few months ago, of the footage purporting to show the robbery, “Apparently the penalty for ALLEGEDLY stealing cigars and being black is now death.”

Even had I stolen cigars, I would still be alive today.

Because I am white.

I gave my conservative acquaintance the video showing that Michael Brown was killed over a hundred feet away from the squad car. His response was, who are these guys? Why are they doing this at night? If it’s true, why isn’t it on the news?

Fox News didn’t show it, so it must not be true, in other words.

He complained of the looting. He said, “If they are so angry, why don’t they burn down the police station instead of some poor guy’s store?” Before I could tell him you can’t indict an entire community on the basis of an actions of a few, he went on to say, “They take everything. They take all the beads. Black chicks will do anything for beads.”

No, I don’t think demonic possession is the problem here. I think we all know what the problem is.

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