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Democrats Mock the Glaring Emptiness of Boehner’s Defense of Steve Scalise

Republican House leadership held an awkward press conference Wednesday morning, in which they dismissed Steve Scalise’s white supremacist, neo-Nazi sympathizing as not being in his “heart” and blamed Obama for being President while taking credit for his veterans’ jobs bills. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Watch here — You can watch the press wait for the presser for a full hour or just forward an hour into the video:

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To the surprise of no one, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is not impressed with Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) defense of Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s (R-LA) racist neo-Nazi sympathizing. They pointed out years of Scalise’s racist policies, which aren’t erased by Scalise announcing that he doesn’t have bigotry in his heart.

Boehner also insisted that Scalise had a good heart. Boehner added, “He’s a decent person who made a mistake, we’ve all made mistakes.”

Scalise announced that it’s not in his heart to be a bigot. He also informed the press that the story of his sympathizing with neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers and racists is over. Sure, he’s the number 3 in leadership in the House, but this story is over.

That doesn’t sound like an apology. It sounds like a dismissal and a lot of privilege, which is the opposite of the tone he should be adopting in public.

This gave the DCCC a great opener to wonder in a statement, “What is actually in Republican Whip Steve Scalise’s Heart?”

Because of course, this isn’t just about the one time Scalise spoke to a white supremacist group meeting that David Duke founded and attended. That is a symptom of Scalise’s years of racist policies, and policies matter. They matter more than what he tells us is in his heart.

The DCCC listed a few problems for Scalise:


Just now, Speaker John Boehner again defended embattled Republican Whip Steve Scalise (whose nom de plume is David Duke without the Baggage). Boehner said “I know what’s in his heart” in defense of Scalise’s decision to troll for votes at a White Supremacist David Duke rally.


So let’s look at what’s in Republican Whip Scalise’s heart…





  • And, as has been widely reported, Scalise chose to speak at a White Supremacist rally sponsored by known Neo Nazi David Duke.


As I pointed out on Twitter during the presser, “Everything is emotions with the GOP. What does Scalise’s heart have to do with racist policies he’s pushed?” Because really, even though Republicans tried to pass Scalise’s pallin’ around with neo-Nazis as a “mistake”, at that point in time David Duke was an international embarrassment and was well known as “toxic” to his own Republican party in his home state of Louisiana.

Scalise knew what he was doing, but an apology has not been forthcoming. Instead we are being treated to his special privilege as a member of the Republican Party — he is forgiven for his “mistakes” because he, unlike others (see Obama), has “a good heart.” We are to presume only the best of his intentions, in spite of his actions to the contrary and the record of his actions.

The real problem for Republicans is that Scalise could unveil to the general public the way Republicans have been using the Southern Strategy to get suckers to support policies that harm them, by stoking the fires of racism in the hearts of Americans. They’ve been doing this for over 40 years and it’s how they manage to serve the 2% and still get elected.

No one knows what is in Scalise’s heart, and I for one do not care. I care what he does as a lawmaker and elected official. His policies and the racism he has consistently used to push them is beneath the dignity of a U.S. Congressperson.

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